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Pressing Questions: Jan. 11, 2013

The questions in the midst of a five-game slide are never fun to ask nor answer, but let's take a shot anyway. I'll kick it off, you guys take it from there.

Alright, the only question that really matters is how long will it take for the Sixers to shake off this bout of terrible play? Here's another: Will this team sniff .500 again this year? Are the playoffs even a remote possibility? What's your date for Bynum's return? Will they make a trade? If they do make a trade, do you think it'll be a band aid move that bolsters their roster this year, but costs them something in the long term? Do you think the franchise (and Collins especially) is able to look forward to next year, or are they only focused on turning things around in the short term?

That should be enough to get it started. (I didn't bash Turner once! Jrue rocks!)
by Brian on Jan 11 2013
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