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Andy kicked it off, but I'll follow up. Jrue to the ASG, big deal? Positive? Negative? Will you watch the weekend festivities now? Would you have anyway?

Tomorrow night vs. the Knicks, any chance the Sixers pull it together for a full four quarters and get a much-needed win? With 12 games to go until the All Star break, I set the goal of 7-5 for the Sixers. Over the first three, they were 1-2. Nine games left, any chance they go 6-3? (8 at home, in a row, all with rest in between. The one road game is in Milwaukee. 5 against teams with winning records: Knicks, Grizzlies, Pacers, Clippers, @Bucks).

Aside from Bynum's return, I suppose the biggest intrigue over the next month will be whether the Sixers will pull the trigger on a trade. I'm thinking no, or if they do make a move, it won't be meaningful. Something akin to the Sam Young acquisition last season. What do you guys think?

Anything and everything else on your minds, get it out here. Time is yours (or whatever Chip Kelly's catch phrase is going to be.)
by Brian on Jan 25 2013
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