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Pressing Questions: October 1

We're neck-deep in training camp, updates are flowing freely from all the beat writers, I know the anticipation is killing me. What's on your mind?

A couple topics to kick things off:
  • The meme surrounding this team appears to be the emergence of Jrue Holiday as a potential star (dare I say superstar?). Are you guys buying it? Is top-five PG in the league by next year a pipe dream, a possibility, a likelihood, a lock?
  • Doug Collins said a few strange things earlier in the summer, but as camp grinds on, it seems to me like he's beginning to come to some of the same conclusions we have about his personnel. He says all the right things, but deep down, do you think he wishes maybe he had Dalembert out there to anchor his defense? Maybe more importantly, do you think Rod Thorn is spending some time looking for a halfway decent interior defender/rebounder?

Have at it in the comments.