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Pressing Questions: September 24


Suddenly, there's plenty to talk about. Training camp is starting, Willie Green, Jason Smith and his miniature arms are all headed to the Big Easy, Doug Collins thinks Jrue will be a top 5 PG in the league...this year! This is your post, let's hear how you're feeling in the comments.

A quick note, if you missed the conclusion of the projection series yesterday in the midst of all the Willie jubilation, check it out here. On that note, I re-ran the numbers subtracting WG and JS, adding in Songaila (who is truly a pitiful performer) and Brackins. For Brackins, I kept the projections pretty conservative: 0.00 WP48 (in honor of Mr. Blutarski) and 0.04 WS48, the same number as Jason Smith last year:


If you need a kick start for the comments, use this tool to pick out your favorite Willie Green game, and provide the link. Here's mine. Willie played 32 minutes in a crushing loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. In those 32 minutes he shot an unbelievable 5/9 from the floor and scored 16 points. So what makes this my favorite Willie game, you ask? Well, in those 32 minutes, Willie grabbed 0 rebounds, handed out 0 assists, swiped 0 steals and blocked 0 shots. That, my friends, is quintessential Willie Green.