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PSA: The Ty Lawson Fan Club

This is a quick note about a new rule here at Depressed Fan. Actually, it's pretty much the first rule, but I think it's important for a couple of reasons. From this day forward, all comments regarding Ty Lawson, unless the Sixers are playing the Nuggets, will only be accepted on this post. Explanation after the jump.

The draft is over. Ty Lawson is a Denver Nugget. Jrue Holiday is a Philadelphia 76er. I believe the team made the right decision. Some of you do not. These are all facts. We've spent way too much time debating it, I don't want every post to turn into a "Wow, did you see what Ty Lawson did today," back-and-forth. I'm setting aside this post, and this post only, for people to keep up with Ty Lawson's career and revisit this debate as often as they want. I'm also putting a button on the sidebar so you'll have easy access to it at all times. Any comments on any other posts about Lawson will be moved to this post from this point forward, or just deleted if I don't have the time or energy.

This is 50% about keeping the comments focused on the team and the games at hand and 50% based on my sanity. Thanks, and sorry if it's an inconvenience.
by Brian on Nov 5 2009
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