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Quality Hoops In September?

As both sides sit on their hands in the stalled NBA labor negotiations and the clock ticks down to lost games and possibly a lost season, it's nearing time to find an alternative fix for you basketball jones. Some will lean on the NCAA, some will scour the internet for grainy feeds of the Euro leagues, I'll probably find myself in a high school gym or two...or maybe I'll see if I have enough frequent flyer miles to get myself to Vegas in September.

According to HoopsWorld, Impact Basketball is putting together a league comprised of about 70 NBA players, to play under NBA rules in Las Vegas in September. The article lists a bunch of guys who have worked out with Impact, including Speights and Brackins, but the list of players who will actually play isn't available.

To me, this seems like a great idea, and I think the close ties impact has to big names in the NBA could lead to this being much more than the typical Las Vegas Summer League. Think Kevin Durant instead of Kyrie Irving as the marquee name.

With no end to this lockout in sight, you have to wonder if these games might even be televised. ESPN and TNT are going to have some time slots to fill.
by Brian on Aug 24 2011
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