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Questions After 7 Games

Longtime reader/commenter TK76 came up with several good talking points for this early off day. Check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments.

We're only 7 games in, but there are some clear trends. For each of these points are we:

A. Jumping the gun in our (over)reaction and just need more time
B. Rightfully concerned, but could work itself out with time
C. Seen enough to ID a major issue

Here are the issues:

1. 3 pt and Pick & Roll defense.
2. Defensive rebounding
3. Strange line-ups/substitution patterns
4. Strange post game coaching statements (if a 3pt shooter gets that hot there is nothing you can do...)
5. Brand looks like a shell.
6. Brand not being used correctly.
7. Thad looks lost on offense.
8. Thad looks lost on defense and rebounding.

Then on the flip side are we too high or low on:

9. Speights as a scorer
10. Lou as a starter
11. Jrue as a bust/stud/underused?
by Brian on Nov 10 2009
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