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This comes from Bob Cooney's article on the Sixers constantly shuffling lineups. "For (Willie) Green, who in the past couple of years has gone from starter to bench scorer to defensive stopper and back to starter, it has been trying." Yes, Willie Green, Defensive Stopper. A runner-up quote after the jump.

From Kate Fagan's piece:

"Also from Sixers practice today, Eddie Jordan said he was likely going to start a backcourt of Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams tomorrow night. Jordan said Williams, just back from a broken jaw, did nothing to lose his starting job and Jordan felt he deserved it back."

OK, so Lou did nothing to lose his starting job while being hurt, but Elton Brand did earlier this season. Here's a look at Brand's three games before he was injured:

  • 23/44 from the field, 52.3%
  • 13/15 from the line, 86.7%
  • 10.33 rebounds/game
  • 2.67 steals/game
  • 3.67 blocks/game
  • 19.67 points/game

When Brand dropped 21/10 in only 25 minutes off the bench in his first game back from the injury, Jordan didn't come out and say "Elton has done nothing to lose his starting job," instead he immediately started saying he thought Brand should come off the bench.
by Brian on Dec 21 2009