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Radical Idea Number Two

This edition of crazy trade ideas that will never happen features a deal with the Sacramento Kings that would bring us a coveted shooter at the two guard, but leave us without a center. Let's take a look after the jump.

Here's the deal in all its glory:

Philadelphia gets:

Kevin Martin (4 years, $44M remaining)
Andres Nocioni (4 years, $27M remaining)

Sacramento gets:

Samuel Dalembert (2 years, $25M remaining)
Willie Green (2 years, $7.6M remaining)
Thaddeus Young (3 years, $9M remaining on rookie contract)

The Sixers would wind up with a starting lineup of Speights, Brand, Iguodala, Martin and PG TBD. Having solved their shooting woes, they'd be free to use the MLE to target Ramon Sessions to play the point. If he could be had for the MLE. Otherwise, they go the draft route and roll the dice. Center is obviously going to be a huge concern, but any deal in which Dalembert is moved would create the same hole. They'd also add Nocioni, who I've never been a big fan of, but he's a better three-point shooter than anyone else on the roster and he could spell Iggy at the three or Brand at the four if they want to go small.

My main concern with Martin would be his health. The guy is fearless on the court, as you can tell by his 10 FTA/game last season. He's also not very durable, as you can tell by the 52 games he missed over the past two seasons. You could also work this deal as a sign and trade with Miller going to Sacto, but that would rule out the MLE and I don't know what the Sixers would do for a PG this season.

Sacramento would get Thad to plug into their starting lineup beside Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes, they could slide Francisco Garcia into the starting two spot and book another trip to the lottery. The big advantage for Sacramento would be the salary savings. They'd be shipping out $71M in salaries, and only taking back about $45M when you factor in Dalembert's trade kicker. Green and Sammy both come off the books a full two seasons before Nocioni and Martin, so Sacramento would gain cap flexibility in only two seasons.

I would try to rework this deal to find some way to involve Sacramento's draft pick, but this deal couldn't be consumated before July 1st because Kevin Martin is a BYC.

Thoughts in the comments, as usual.