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Rainy Monday Open Thread

Fresh off an uninspiring win over the hapless Cavs, a date with the 43-16 Dallas Mavericks looming and the team remains focused. Doug Collins has them saying and doing all the right things, they've come together as a unit. A few topics for an open discussion to follow on our (hopefully still) surging Sixers to follow.

  • Here's an honest question for you. The Sixers start a terrible defensive center, a limited shooting guard and a power forward who clearly doesn't have the athleticism he once did. Andre Iguodala is an absolute beast, but Jrue Holiday, by just about every metric and simple observation, has been a disappointment on the defensive end. Off the bench, they have a rookie, an undersized combo guard and an undersized PF. That's their 8-man rotation with Tony Battie and Marreese Speights sprinkled in as another big off the bench to get spot minutes. How the hell is that group #8 in defensive efficiency rating after 59 games?
  • Trivia: Who scores more points per-100-possessions, the Sixers or the Bulls? I'll give you a hint, it's not the team with Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng. I guarantee you if you asked every national writer to rank these players on offensive ability, Rose, Deng and Boozer would be 3 of the top 4, at least: Rose, Deng, Boozer, Iguodala, Holiday, Brand, Lou Williams, Thad Young.
  • Mike Bibby is reportedly heading to the Heat after being bought out by the Wizards. Does Bibby help them?
  • Will Troy Murphy have an impact on the Eastern Conference if he gets bought out and goes to the Celtics? What if he goes to the Magic?
  • If the season ended today, would Doug Collins get your vote for coach of the year?
  • Would Elton Brand get your vote for bounce-back?
  • Not really a question, but only two games really grab my interest on the schedule tonight: Hawks @ Nuggets and Clippers @ Kings. Watching Felton play more minutes than Lawson will be a pleasure or a golden opportunity for the super-duperest superstar to get the sixth road win of his illustrious career against the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins. Over/under for turnovers+fouls for Cousins = 11.

Have at it. I'll be around later tonight.
by Brian on Feb 28 2011
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