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Reactions to the Vucevic Pick

The Sixers got the guy they targeted all along, I guess that much isn't up for debate. Of course, they may have taken him 20 picks too early, and they were debating whether to trade up to get him when no one else seemed even remotely interested, but that's beside the point. They got their guy. Let's see what the media has to say about the pick.

  • Here's my look at the pick, and how it's going to impact Jrue from SB Nation Philly
  • Tom Moore was the only guy to include my favorite Stefanski quote of the night: "[Vucevic is] not an above-the-rim player."
  • John Smallwood thinks he Sixers blew it by not trading Iguodala because it would've been super-exciting. He likes the pick, though he doesn't really say why.
  • Kate doesn't have much analysis, other than saying the team was super worried Houston would waste the #14 pick on Vucevic, which seems far-fetched.
  • Cooney got a quote from the big man. Check it out:

    I think I have to work on everything but one of the main things I need to work on is my NBA three-point range.

    This is exactly what I want to hear from the seven-footer the team just drafted, "I need to work on moving further away from the basket." Lovely.
  • Chad Ford gives the Sixers a "C" for their draft night. Then explains why in a podcast.
  • Liberty Ballers takes a closer look at Vucevic's impressive athletic testing numbers and how they rank against the elite big men who've graced the NBA with their presence.
  • Here's a positive review from HoopsWorld.
  • Subscription required for this one from Basketball Prospectus. Basically, they use a formula to compare the expected added wins for draft position to the projected added wins for the player the team actually took. For example, the Bulls should've gotten 2.1 wins for picks #23 and #28, but the guys they actually took project to have 5.2 wins, so they're at +3.1. The Sixers should've expected 2.0 wins with their two picks, the guys they took project out to 1.5, so their "grade" is -0.5 wins, 18th in the league. Detroit was the worst at -5.3 wins.
  • I've been looking for more reaction pieces, but I honestly think no one cares.

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by Brian on Jun 24 2011
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