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Reality Check

The charade of a 4-3 start will most likely be shattered tonight when Brett Brown's old team comes to town. The Spurs won't be surprised by anything the Sixers try to do, they wrote the book. Expect light minutes for Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, and a lopsided score when all is said and done.

Two fun matchups here: MCW vs. Parker. Interested to see how the kid handles a quick PG, and also interested to see if MCW uses his size on he offensive end. The other is Kawhi Leonard vs. Turner. Good athletes with size have always given Turner problems. Let's see if he can extend the hot streak to eight games.

I'm also curious to see how the Sixers handle the pick-and-roll when Splitter is in the game. He has absolutely killed them the past couple of years and they've defended it pretty poorly so far this season.

The tip is at 7. I'll be around until it gets out of hand. Join me if you care to.
by Brian on Nov 11 2013
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