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Recover and Move On

Monday night's loss to the Heat was tough to take. The Sixers looked thoroughly outclassed on the floor. They looked like they have no chance. They looked worse than they've looked at any point this season save for the Chicago loss earlier in the year. We've spent the day lamenting the sad state of basketball affairs in Philly, now it's time to leave all the garbage behind.

What happened on Monday wasn't new. We didn't really learn anything about this team we didn't already know. If the Sixers don't play well, if they don't play spirited basketball with evenly distributed scoring and team defense, they're going to get killed. They're young, they're operating with an extreme talent deficit against Miami. If most of what they do well isn't clicking, they're going to get killed. Period. End of story.

The first two games of this series showed us the Sixers can hang with Miami when they're really clicking, when they aren't it isn't going to be pretty. No matter what happens over the next two games, this series shouldn't really change how you feel about the team as a whole. They're young, they've got some pieces with some potential, but they've got a ton of work to do from a personnel standpoint. Absolutely nothing that could've happened in this series would've changed the fact that this team has a gaping hole at the center position. Nothing would've uncluttered the five-guys-for-three-positions situation between Iguodala, Jrue, Turner, Meeks and Lou. They aren't any worse off today than they were three weeks ago. Nothing has really changed. Miami was a more talented squad then, they still are.

We've taken about 24 hours to lament the loss and throw stones at the players, front office and coaching staff. Now just take a deep breath, realize nothing surprising has happened. Take a look at the good as well as the bad from the first two games, and get ready for game three. Just keep in mind that if the Sixers go out there and blow Miami's doors off, again nothing has changed except Jrue will have about 35 more minutes of playoff basketball under his belt. Turner, maybe 25.

We've got another off day on our hands, I'm sure Monday's loss still stings for you as much as it does for me. Just try to turn the page and at least put a modicum of thought into a comment before hitting submit.

Yes, the Sixers need to play an exceptional game to beat the Heat. That's the bad news. The good news is that they've done it many, many times this season. There's no reason to think they can't do it again tomorrow night.
by Brian on Apr 20 2011
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