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Red, White and You?

That's the title of the booklet the Sixers sent out to their current season ticket holders for the renewal push. Who's featured on the cover of the pamphlet? Andre Iguodala? Nope. Jrue Holiday? Nein. Willie Green? Uh uh. It's Dr. J, Moses Malone and Hal Greer. If that isn't bad enough, wait 'til you hear what the inside says.

Keep in mind these booklets went out to current season ticket holders. Meaning, the group of people who invested their money in a franchise that had gone to the playoffs in consecutive seasons, and had similar expectations coming into this year. Those poor hundreds (give or take) have since either sat through 31 dismal games, or let the tickets go to waste, since there certainly isn't a secondary market for Sixers tickets.

So how is ownership rewarding these brave, loyal souls? Well, they really aren't. Season tickets will remain the same price they were last season, parking will go up $2 per game, and renewals are due by April 9th.

I'm not exactly sure what the penalty is if you don't renew in the next three weeks. Are they threatening to sell your tickets to the teeming masses of people lined up for the chance to buy season tix? I do know that they've offered absolutely no incentive to their current STH, though. No break on price. No upgraded locations. Nothing.

Thanks for your money. We've made a complete mess of this franchise. We've shown you no clear plan for how we're going to turn things around. We expect your check in three weeks. Great way to treat the few loyal customers you have left.
by Brian on Mar 13 2010
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