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Relative Value

Yesterday, we argued the comparative values of two bench players, Lou Williams and Thad Young. Today, let's tackle a bigger question. Jrue Holiday vs. Andre Iguodala.

For a certain section of the fan base, this isn't a subject even worth broaching, so if you hate Iguodala and want him gone immediately, just stop reading. For everyone else, here's the topic up for debate.

Iguodala is still probably the best player on this team, he was the best last season, he's been the best since Iverson left. Jrue is the best of the young crop. When will Jrue pass Iguodala and become the team's best player (if Iguodala remains with the team)? Will he pass him? What does he need to do to pass Iguodala?

And possibly the most important question of all, if Jrue continues his current progression but doesn't make a huge leap in the next two seasons, would you feel comfortable signing him to a contract extension like Iguodala got when he was in the same situation?
by Brian on Jul 26 2011
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