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Report From Sixers Practice

Frequent reader Rob was among about 500 season ticket holders and sponsors to attend the Sixers practice and scrimmage on Saturday night at St. Joe's. Check out his notes and more pictures after the jump.

Here are Rob's notes:

  • The practice started off with fast break drills, getting up and down the court. Then they ran some PO offensive sets with 5 guys while the other 5 defended. Jordan directed the offense while Ayers coached the defense from under the basket. Ayers called out defensive rotations while Jordan had the offense swing the ball from side to side.
  • They also practiced getting up the floor on offense and initiating offense with dribble handoffs, cutting and movement. This was very refreshing compared to the Cheeks/DiLeo practices I have seen in the past.
  • The scrimmage was two, 10-minute quarters. The white team consisted of Lou, Iguodala, Kapono, Brand and Sam, Jrue came off the bench for the white squad. Green, Thad, Jason Smith, Speights and Carney started for the blue team, with Ivey and Brezec as subs.
  • The white team won 47-32
  • Elton looks fantastic in every way. He looks like he is probably no bigger then 235 lbs, lean and cut. He made some explosive moves in the scrimmage. He looked and played like he did 3 years ago.

  • Sam was really hustling, hit a couple of nice little jumpers, was blocking shots and running the floor.
  • I was kidding with Kopono about this and we all knew this but when you see it up close it bears repeating, the guy can really shoot. At 6'8 he has a quick release and can seen over most defenders. He was more athletic then I thought he was.
  • Carney seems to be a favorite of Jordan's with his hustle, D, and ability to shoot the 3. I forgot because he was gone but as quick as this team is he is the quickest. I believe he will get more minutes then expected off the bench.

  • Thad can really handle the ball, especially in transition.
  • Willie Green was the Point on the Blue (2nd) team. He was 1 for 7 by my count out there.
  • Jrue looked great on both ends.
  • Lou looked comfortable in the PO and seems to have worked on his shot some more this summer.
  • Jason Smith looked like suffered no ill effects of the knee injury. He hit a couple of 10 foot pull-up jumpers.
  • Unfortunately Stromile Swift looked like a man without a country out there as he sat out on the sidelines. He was sort of milling around during the autograph session afterward.
  • If a 14th man is going to make this team I would say at this point Singletary would be the guy. He reminds me physically of Jameer but quicker. He can really get up and down the court, seems to have good command for the point and can shoot and play on-the-ball D.
  • AI9 has really emerged as a leader of the team. He addressed the crowd at the end and said that he knows how Philly supports their teams and he wants to bring a championship to Philly.

I'd like to thank Rob for sharing his thoughts with us. In my mind, this is another good example of how the Sixers are opening up their franchise to the fans and really showing how much they appreciate their business in this tough economic climate. Ed Stefanski greeted the season ticket holders at the door, you don't see things like that from many professional sports organizations. Here's one more shot of the final score:

by Brian on Oct 6 2009
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