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Sixers Trade Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/jasonKapono.jpgAndre Iguodala sort of broke the news on Twitter, then Globe and Mail broke with the first report. The Sixers will apparently send Reggie Evans to the Toronto Raptors for Jason Kapono. Analysis after the jump. The Sixers have confirmed on Sixers.com.

The trade works in ESPN's trade machine, with no other pieces added. The Sixers will raise their payroll by about $1.25M to their payroll this season. Evans' contract runs through 2011, the same length as Kapono's, but Kapono does have a player option for next season, where Evans money is guaranteed.

If it was a shooter you wanted, well, Kapono is that and basically nothing more. He's a career 45.4% shooter from three.

This is a win-win as far as I'm concerned. They got rid of a bad piece and brought in a guy who can absolutely help them in their biggest area of need. The only caveat is that Kapono is not a starter in this league. He's a defensive sieve. They need to limit his minutes and his damage.

This move should, however, end the talk of Kyle Korver for the MLE, though. No way you need two identical players like that on your roster. Kapono's a better shooter than Korver anyway. Good move to kick off the Summer, in my eyes. If it's true, of course. I'll keep my eyes open for confirmation.

Updated depth chart, if the deal goes through:

PG: Williams, Ivey
SG: Kapono, Green
SF: Iguodala, Thad
PF: Brand, Speights
C: Dalembert, J. Smith

I think we can shrink the Sixers available money under the luxury tax to somewhere around $7M, possibly under.
by Brian on Jun 9 2009
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