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Road Trip Grinds on in dallas

The little "d" in dallas is intentional. Looking at their roster, it amazes me they aren't ranked worse than 21st in DFR. Jose Calderon, Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis are three of the worst defenders at their positions. Those three play a combined 101 minutes/game, the team's DFR must be a testament to the efforts of Marion and Dalembert on that end of the floor.

For as bad as they are (or should be) on the defensive end, the Mavs are deadly-efficient on offense. Everyone in their starting lineup sans Marion has a TS above .55, and DeJaun Blair has been a beast off the bench. Keep an eye on Calderon, Dirk and Jae Crowder from three, they're all taking a ton and shooting at a nice clip. Encourage Monta to do two things (1) shoot jumpers, (2) turn the ball over. He's always been more than willing to do both. I have no idea who the Sixers will put on Monta defensively, it just can't be Turner.

As for taking advantage of Dallas' defensive shortcomings, I'd try to run a backcourt of Morris, Wroten and Turner out there against the Mavs starters, meaning Calderon has to cover someone who can drive by him, nowhere to hide. Then attack that matchup without using picks. Just break him down, make the Mavs adjust, and hit the open threes, make the interior passes when Dalembert commits to the help.

Thad will be on Dirk, let's hope they do a better job covering Dirk beyond the arc than they did with Ryan Anderson, but I'm not holding my breath.

The tip is at 8:30pm. I'm committing to being here through the first half at least, longer if they keep it competitive. Join me if the taste of a 37-point loss isn't still in your mouth.
by Brian on Nov 18 2013
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