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Rooks vs. Sophs Challenge Game Thread


David Thorpe is excited to see Jrue in tonight's Rooks vs. Sophs game, and I have to say, I agree:

Jrue Holiday, PG, 76ers: Holiday is a big point guard and a smooth athlete. But he has one of the better "off-foot" dunks in the game, extending his left hand after his right leg jump. He'll catch guys by surprise because most athletes jump better off of the leg opposite their regular shooting hand.

Holiday is my pick to win the Rookie Challenge MVP trophy, since I expect him to have the ball in his hands a lot. And unlike Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings, who are required to be scorers for their teams, Holiday will enjoy the break from having to run a team and can look more to get buckets.

I'm actually really looking forward to seeing Jrue set free, so to speak. There won't be any defense played in the game, he won't have the added pressure of possibly getting pulled if he makes a bad pass. He can just go out there and play. I'm hoping he gets enough minutes to shine and create.

Let's go sophs!
by Brian on Feb 18 2011
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