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Royal's In, Primoz Next?

The Sixers reportedly brought Royal Ivey back for another year in Philly yesterday. Ivey opted out of the second year of a two-year deal earlier this summer. Details of the contract have not been released, but it'll probably be for around the minimum. Analysis, plus the Primoz Brezec rumor after the jump.

First things first: I'm happy with the Ivey re-signing. He's a versatile defender and I don't feel like he's a zero when he's on the floor. That's more than you can say for a lot of the veteran minimum points still available. However, he's not a point. I realize the Princeton Offense doesn't call for a traditional point, and this is something we'll discuss in more detail later in the summer, but what happens if a team decides to press? Iguodala, Williams and I'm sure Jrue can all handle the ball, but are they really elite dribblers? I mean, guys who can take the ball in the backcourt and dribble through a press when you need them to? A question to be answered, I suppose.

Anyway, Tom Moore is reporting the Sixers are interested in 29 year-old Primoz Brezec (he'll turn 30 before opening day). A quick glance at the stats tells me Primoz is little more than a 7'2" warm body. He's a pitiful rebounder for a guy that size, has been his entire career. He hasn't shot 50% from the floor since 2006. Pretty much the only positive thing you can say about Brezec is he played over 2,000 minutes/season over a two year stretch in Charlotte.

Much like with Ivey, I'd like to see these final few roster spots go to guys who can add a little something to the team if they should ever see the floor. I just don't see anything Primoz brings to the table other than 6 fouls. It's a given that you aren't going to get a complete player for the veteran's minimum, but you can get a specialist. I mean, I'd rather have Calvin Booth back than Primoz, at least Booth blocks shots.

The NBA will release team schedules later today, I'll have a link and some analysis of how badly the Sixers were screwed at some point. Have at it in the comments.