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Searching For a Fit

TK76 asked the question of where Andre Iguodala would fit, and what kind of impact he'd have in the comments yesterday. As is usually the case, the best ideas around the parts begin in the comments, so let's spend the day ruminating on possible destinations for our best player.

Here are is a handful of criteria you can use to determine where he'd be a good fit

  • More wins
  • better playoff team
  • better match-up against an elite team blocking them
  • better environment to develop players
  • better finances
  • better gate

Instead of singling out a few teams where I think he'd be a tremendous help, I figured I'd go through all 30 and give my take on how he'd fit and what he'd mean to the team in a couple of words (or more).

  • Boston - Good fit if he's replacing Pierce. If he's replacing Allen, they wouldn't have enough shooting.
  • New York - On paper, a very good fit. His defense is desperately needed. But the team would probably need to play small with Melo at the four and Iguodala at the three, and his defense on the wing isn't enough to make up for Melo/Stoudemire up front. If they play Iguodala at the two, they really wouldn't have enough shooting on the floor to stop teams from collapsing.
  • Toronto - He'd give them an immediate upgrade, but DeRozan and Iguodala is a pretty poor shooting duo to have on the wings. I guess Bargnani at the five helps spread the floor.
  • New Jersey - Really good fit here. Slide him into the three with Deron Williams and Morrow at the one and two. He'd immediately upgrade their defense, but they aren't a contender with Brook Lopez in the middle.
  • Miami - Bosh, LBJ, Iguodala, Wade, PG. Yeah, no one's stopping that.
  • Atlanta - If he's replacing Marvin Williams, he's a huge upgrade. Still tough to see them as a true contender, though. They need to find a way to move Horford to the four and bring a legit center in.
  • Orlando - Absolutely perfect fit here. Gives them the athleticism on the wing they desperately need. Pair the best defensive wing with the best defender period. Plenty of shooting to spread the floor and the playmaking duties would finally be taken away from Jameer Nelson. They're an immediate contender again with Iguodala added into the mix.
  • Charlotte - Not much he can do for them. Too many holes.
  • Washington - Ditto above.
  • Chicago - I don't think he's a very good fit for the Bulls. He gives them another playmaker on offense. He upgrades their defense (though I'm not sure a defensive upgrade is all that important), but what Chicago really needs is someone to keep the defense honest and open up driving lanes for Rose. Iguodala is a downgrade in that department if he's replacing Deng.
  • Milwaukee - Another team where scoring is more the issue than defense. He's an upgrade here, but he doesn't move the needle enough to make them more than a low seed in the playoffs.
  • Indiana - Better fit for Indy than Granger. Probably good for an extra 5 wins or so, which only makes them a .500 team.
  • Detroit - Good fit here, though he wouldn't have much of an impact in terms of making them a playoff team. With Stuckey and Hamilton, they don't have a playaker worth a damn. Iguodala dramatically improves their defense and can run the point-forward exclusively on offense. Still topping out below 40 wins, though, imo.
  • Cleveland - Too far gone.
  • Lakers - Not a good fit. They need more shooting in their starting lineup, not less. His playmaking would help, but not enough. His defensive upgrade over Artest isn't enough to make a tremendous difference on that side of the ball. They could throw a really interesting, really dynamic lineup out on the floor, but the lack of shooting would make them easier to defend.
  • Phoenix - Really good fit. Plenty of shooting on the floor, defensive upgrade, Nash would find him in transition and for easy dunks. He'd be enough to put them back in the playoffs for the remainder of Nash's career, but they'd need more to make a serious run.
  • Golden State - Huge upgrade, plenty of shooting around him, would improve their defense. Depends on what they'd have to give up to get him, but may be able to get them into the playoffs as a low seed.
  • Clippers - Perfect fit. Shooting and scoring are taken care of by Gordon and Griffin. Iguodala's defense and playmaking puts them in a position to not only make the playoffs, but challenge for a title if the group is held together, they stay healthy and they can add a halfway decent PG.
  • Sacramento - Not a good fit. Not nearly enough shooting if Evans and Iguodala are on the wings together.
  • San Antonio - Good fit. Enough to bring them back from their terrible end this year? Maybe.
  • Dallas - Perfect fit. Dirk, Terry and Kidd can all shoot the three. Iguodala gives them a playmaker, an elite wing defender and a much-needed influx of athleticism.
  • New Orleans - Chris Paul needs every last bit of help he can get. Iguodala is miles ahead of Ariza.
  • Memphis - Much better fit than Gay. Upgrades the defense and provides options on offense they don't have right now.
  • Houston - Great fit with Lowry and Martin in the backcourt. Probably makes them a playoff team, but they aren't winning a round without addressing their horrible frontcourt defense, among other things.
  • Oklahoma City - Big upgrade over Sefolosha, but Durant's shooting would need to carry the starters. Westbrook is terrible from deep. Defensively, he's one of the few guys that gives you more than Thabo, plus you can keep him on the floor for 40 minutes.
  • Denver - Great fit. I don't think Lawson is much of a playmaker, more of a slasher/opportunist. Iguodala gives them the wing defender to cover for Danillo and a guy who can make plays for others. Middling playoff team with him, I guess.
  • Portland - Probably doesn't fit all that well, especially not at his price.
  • Utah - Rebuilding. He'd help, but not enough.
  • Minnesota - I'm not sure Michael Jordan would make them a playoff team next year.

That's my take. In terms of who should want Iguodala the most, the list probably starts with the Clippers, then Orlando, Dallas, Memphis, Phoenix (unless they want to blow it up), San Antonio, Denver and probably Golden State.
by Brian on May 11 2011
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