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Setting Goals

I'm doing my best to erase this past sports weekend from my mind. Perhaps the best way to forget about the past is to look to the future. It's with that in mind that a goal needs to be set. A tangible, medium-range goal for this young, frustrating, yet over-achieving team.

Here it is. This morning, on January 10th, the Sixers sit at 15-22, seven games under .500. The goal is simple, a .500 record by game 50. That's a 10-3 record over the 13 games. Improbable? Yes. Difficult? Absolutely. Impossible? No.

Here's the upcoming schedule:

  • vs. IND - W
  • vs. MIL - W
  • vs. CHA - W
  • @ ORL - L
  • @ CHA - W (second night of back-to-back, tough win)
  • vs. UTA - L
  • vs. PHO - W
  • @ TOR - W
  • vs. MEM W (not a gimme, but has to be a win)
  • vs. DEN - L (possibly against the post-Melo Nuggets, though)
  • @ NJN - W (but possible the Nets w/ Melo)
  • vs. NYK - W (still not a believer)
  • @ NYK - L (home-and-home sweep is too tough)

8 games against teams under .500 (5 at home). Only 1 back-to-back. To get to 25-25, the Sixers will have to take care of business against the bad teams and find a way to win two of 5 against teams with winning records. Every loss against a bad team is one more win needed against a good team.

So there it is. Respectability prior to a tough stretch in the schedule leading into the All Star break. What do you guys think, is it doable?

Of course, the first order of business is getting Iguodala back on the floor for tomorrow night's game. If that doesn't happen, and he can't stay on the floor, this is beyond a pipe dream.
by Brian on Jan 10 2011
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