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As we continue our journey through the player acquisition options for the Sixers, this post from Marc Narducci made me realize that I've gotten a little bit ahead of myself. In that post, Narducci says the Sixers' top priority should be to sign Andre Miller to a contract extension, or at least sit down and talk to him about it. I couldn't disagree more, but I'll get to that a little later. I think it's about time we try to nail down the priority list for the team, keeping in mind that the goal here has to be year-over-year improvement and the long view of becoming a title contender.

Here we go, from most-important to least:
  1. Make smart moves, or make no moves at all. Meaning, anyone you bring in needs to fit the style of play and the character of the team. If no one meets that criteria, stand pat.
  2. Maintain cap flexibility, unless the moves you make can catapult you to contention immediately.
  3. Low-post presence
  4. Replace Willie Green in the starting lineup.
  5. Shooter(s)
  6. Re-sign Lou Williams
  7. Re-sign, or sign and trade Andre Iguodala as a means to get that low-post presence.
  8. Figure out the future of the PG position. Andre Miller was amazing this season, he performed far above expectations in just about every possible way, but he's 32 and he sure seems to want to return to the West coast. Extending him beyond next year would probably be difficult, and I'm not sure we want to invest 3 years and $30M in him to be our point when he's 35. I think you have to look at Miller as a big part of this team in '08-'09, unless you can upgrade the position, and then the cap space his expiring deal will give you after the season.
That's how I see it. Whenever evaluating a move, or potential move, I'm going to look to this list. For example, trading for Mike Miller would accomplish goals 1, 2, 4 and 5. Signing a guy like Josh Smith would only accomplish goal 1, but it may be worth it. There are so many permutations of moves that could be made, so many players who are available, or may become available as the season comes to an end, it should be helpful to have a big picture to look at.

What do you guys think? Are my priorities for the team in the proper order?
by Brian on May 15 2008
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