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One big questions around these parts has been who will fill the PG position beyond next season. Andre Miller has said time and time again that he's a West Coast guy, which I'm taking to mean he won't be signing an extension with the Sixers. Even if he is ready, willing and able to re-up with the Sixers, should the Sixers be eager to give a 33 year-old point guard a three of four year extension for north of $10M per year?

I don't think so. Which means this Summer would be an ideal time to shore up the future of the position, either through the draft or in free agency. It just so happens that the a potentially game-changing point guard may be available in unrestricted free agency, and I'm not sure how many teams are going to be interested in him.

Shaun Livingston is entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, and according to this article, the Clippers are unlikely to make their qualifying offer to him ($5.8M). I don't know what type of a contract he'll be looking for, but it's definitely worth looking into.

Livingston is a 6'7" point who the Clippers took right out of high school. He missed the entire 07-08 season recovering from a gruesome injury (see video below). It's still unknown how much he'll be able to play this season, and if he'll ever really be a contributor, but he's got the upside and the Sixers could spend this season easing him back into the game in the hopes that he could take over the PG position next season. I think he's worth a shot, if the price is right.

by Brian on Jun 9 2008
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