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Sifting Through The Noise

Chad Ford's Draft Buzz column has been a must-read for a while, for laughs if nothing else. Yesterday, one item in particular caught my eye. Details after the jump.

In last night's update, Ford talks a bit about the Knicks draft board and their recent workout of Jrue Holiday. Holiday performed much better his second time in for the Knicks, but that's neither here nor there. The kick in the junk portion of the column reads as follows:

"The Knicks have had talks with the Wizards about acquiring the No. 5 pick. If the Knicks draft a point guard there, they'd likely go in another direction with their second first-round pick. Their offer was Larry Hughes for Etan Thomas and Mike James and the fifth pick. The Wizards were once high on Hughes and are in the market for a veteran player who can propel the team to a championship right now."

What the? I mean, Larry Hughes is a veteran who can help the Wizards win now? This is a trade that's supposed to land them the #5 pick without giving up #8? Give me a break. Either someone is selling Ford a bill of goods or Washington has received zero interest in that pick. It wouldn't even save them $1M this season in straight up salaries, although they wouldn't have to pay the #5 pick, so they'd save some money there. Still, they'd save more money by simply selling the pick for $3M to the highest bidder.

Just FYI, if the Sixers sent Speights and $3M in cash to the Wizards for the #5 pick and Oleksiy Pecherov, Washington would save more money than in the deal Ford mentioned above. And let's not kid ourselves, if Washington is seriously considering making a deal like that, it's not about winning.

Let's use this post to talk about the other trade rumors circulating throughout the day. Thoughts in the comments as usual. (P.S. If you post a rumor, leave a link to it so we can all check it out.)
by Brian on Jun 23 2009
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