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Six Weeks

Since taking over as the head honcho in the Sixers front office, Rod Thorn has made one move. Sending Willie Green and Jason Smith to New Orleans for Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila was more about ridding the team of the players going out than any value coming back. Today, we sit roughly six weeks away from the trade deadline, and with a potential lockout looming, Thorn may have to wait quite some time to put his stamp on this roster if he doesn't before the deadline.

The question remains, in which direction does Thorn want to take this franchise? If he wants to improve the product on the court, he's got some assets he could move. Songaila, Kapono, Battie and Hawes are all expiring contracts. Put them all together and you've got nearly $16M of cap savings for someone. Throw in a young player and/or a draft pick and Thorn has plenty of ammunition to add a valuable piece, or more, to the roster.

If Thorn decides this team needs more of an overhaul than augmentation, he's got pieces he can move for draft picks, young players and/or cap flexibility. Andre Iguodala's name is atop that list, but Elton Brand may have played his way into being a movable asset by this point. He's also got Lou Williams, who may hold some value. Thad Young's drastically improved play has also probably raised his stock around the league, and moving Thad would take the team off the hook for extending him.

Ultimately, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to Thorn's plan for the near and long-term future of this franchise. None of us are privy to his feelings on the roster, nor his roadmap for building them into a contender. He's been mum on the subject since taking over.

So here's the topic of discussion for the day: What do you think Thorn will do, if anything, between now and the Feb. 24th trade deadline? What do you think he should do? Which general direction?
by Brian on Jan 13 2011
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