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Six @ Wiz Pregame

Tonight's game will feature one of my favorite match-ups, Andre Iguodala vs. Caron Butler. Each is under-appreciated, in my opinion. Each a complete player who helps his team in so many different ways, I love seeing those guys go at each other for 40+ minutes.

Honestly, I'm hoping the only drama in this game will be whether Iguodala plays enough minutes to out-score Butler. This game really needs to be a blowout in the Sixers' favor.
A quick glance at the stats tells you all you need to know. The Wizards blow. They're 9-20 at home, they can't score, they can't defend. They have the worst record in the East for a reason. The Sixers are clearly the superior team and they need to showcase exactly how much better they are tonight. It's time to end this losing streak with an exclamation point.

The Wiz hold a slight edge in offensive turnover rate, that's it. In every other four factors area, the Sixers dominate. I can't find a single advantage for Washington heading into this game.

As a matter of pride, I want to see Philly come out quick, get a double digit lead in the first quarter, and continue to build on it throughout. Anything less will leave me feeling unsatisfied. A loss ... well, let's not even mention the word. This has to be a win, and it should be a big win. Time to right the ship.

The tip is at 7pm. I'll be here, live, and hopefully fully recovered from Monday night. Join me in the comments during the game.

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by Brian on Feb 25 2009
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