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Great, great first half for the Sixers. Three factors were key.
  1. The Bigs - Dalembert and Evans are playing inspired ball on both sides of the court. They're owning the defensive glass and they've chipped in 15 points.
  2. Defense - 9 steals in the first half. They're gambling out there, but their quickness is making it pay off. 12 turnovers total for Detroit. The open shots are going to happen when you gamble like this, but when you're forcing turnovers and getting steals it's a good trade-off for this team.
  3. Playing their game on offense - We're seeing the Sixers play their game on offense. Miller has taken Billups down to the post a couple of times. Lou Williams is abusing whoever guards him off the dribble and after a bad start, Iguodala has stopped forcing his shots.
24 minutes of ball left to play. They need to keep up these three keys. A weird wrinkle by Mo early on, having Green bring the ball up the floor so they could get the ball to Miller without an immediate double. Good work.

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Check out this blurb from Henry Abbott's live blog of the game:
Thaddeus Young is fantastic. He is a little better at everything than you'd expect him to be. Some of his mediocre looking shots find home. His screens get people open. And his defense is frequently excellent. For instance: Theo Ratliff was mauling Jason Smith. Young, who is by nobody's estimation really a center, came in and gave Ratliff a run for his money, including preventing Ratliff from getting an offensive board on the half's last possession.
by Brian on Apr 25 2008
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