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Phil Jasner has the scoop. It looks like Donyell Marshall will join Kareem Rush as a shooter off the bench for the Sixers.

The rumor is a one-year deal for $1.26M (veteran's minimum). Marshall is a career 34.8% shooter from downtown, but he's coming off a dreadful year split between the Spurs and Sonics in which he played only 26 games.

Anyone remember this game? I know I'll never forget it.

The question is, where does he find his minutes, or are there any minutes to be found? Is there even a roster spot to be found?

  1. Miller
  2. Iguodala
  3. Thad
  4. Brand
  5. Sammy
  6. Lou
  7. Evans
  8. Rush
  9. Ivey
  10. Speights
  11. Ratliff
  12. Green
  13. Marshall
You can only dress 12.

Thoughts? Like the move, love the move, hate the move, indifferent?

by Brian on Sep 2 2008
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