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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 12

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

Peter in Vancouver: Hi Bill! Do you expect the Rockets to be Very active after Dec 15 when they can trade players they signed over the summer? I think Morey won't wait till the Feb deadline to make a move. He wants to save his team asap.
Bill Ingram: Good Morning, everyone, and welcome to the chat! I do expect the Rockets to be active in trade talks, particularly around Iguodala and Carmelo, should he become available. It sounds like the Kings and Rockets could be trade partners again, as well, with Brooks possibly going to SAC for Carl Landry. Either way, Houston will make a deal sooner rather than later if they can find the right one. Morey is aggressively working the phones.

Pav in Houston: A lot of people linked Iguodala to Houston. However, I think he is not a good fit with the Rox because of his low shooting percentage. He is a slasher, but he can't knock down 3s when Yao is doubled.
Bill Ingram: Exactly. Honestly, I think Iggy is overrated. He's a good player, no question, but he doesn't solve any significant problems for Houston for that very reason . . . he's not a good shooter.

Andre Iguodala in : Can I realistically end up going to the Cavaliers? would would they have to do to get me?
Bill Ingram: We're not hearing that there is an active discussion between the Cavs and Sixers, but Cleveland has a nice trade exception to burn, and rather than trade Jamison, which would no doubt lead to Mo Williams asking to be the next one gone, adding Iggy would make the Cavs a much better team. Maybe even a playoff team . . .Unlike Houston, he would fit right in with the Cavs.

pauly the g in australia: would the rockets not be better off with iggy from the 76ers than kevin martin ? aaron brooks can continue to provide the shooting while Iggy brings D and toughness that houston needs? can they get him?
Bill Ingram: They can get him, yes. They've had that conversation at least once. My issue with Iggy as far as Houston is his inability to knock down an open jumper. Makes it awfully hard for him to play with Yao . . .assuming Yao can play consistently.

Frank in Sacramento: Hi Bill, Assume this HOU-PHIL trade: BATT/J.HIll/Jeffries for Iggy/Kapono. Which team would be helped more, who says "no"? Thanks.
Bill Ingram: Well, if Brand and Battier couldn't help that team grow up quickly, no one could. I'm not sold you can get Jordan Hill. The staff in Houston are starting to really see him as a viable solution to the ongoing Yao injuries. I only like the Iggy thing because you included Kapono . . .the Rockets need outside shooting around Yao, and Iggy doesn't bring that.

chriz in philippines: Good Day! Since sixers wants an expiring contract, magic needs a big-time scorer & denver is interested wid iggy: sixers gets vc & magic 1st rd pick, magic gets melo, denver gets iggy & a magic filler + future pick, fair trade?
Bill Ingram: Since the Nuggets will, at some point, have to decide whether or not they want to risk losing Melo for nothing, this is a deal that helps them. George Karl has said he would like Iggy, as well. That's a deal that helps all three teams . . .

lazeric in jackson, mi: so i hear alot of Melo for Iggy deals but cmon Philly should already know they're giving up alot for some1 who will never resign with them rite? plus wouldnt thst further hurt Evan Turner's development with a ball dominating Melo?
Bill Ingram: It would be a rental onl for Philly, a way to shed cap space. That's why I like the 3-way idea proposed earlier. Melo would probably stay in Orlando, and Vince could expire in Philly. He and Dwight aren't getting along at all, so that's a smart move.

Shawn in Rochester, MN: Hi Bill, do you know if the Wolves are pursuing Iggy? Kahn said they'd try to make a big 'singular move' this year with the cap space from the Big Al trade. Wolves could definitely use a wing that can drive and D up.
Bill Ingram: I haven't heard that, and honestly, as miserable as Iggy is in Philly, I think he's go into clinical depression thinking about Minnesota. If it were me, I would continue to let Wes Johnson start and learn this way around the NBA. The Wolves aren't a playoff team yet, but the playing time those young guys are getting right now will certainly pay huge dividends in the very near future. Great chemistry there, too!

jeff in : Bill hate the new pic how can you be a Dallas fan? As much as I like bud he seems to be a weekness for the bench. I believe a trade for iggy would be a great move. What's your thoughts?
Bill Ingram: Had to use the Mavs pic in honor of their 9-game winning streak. If the Rockets aren't winning, I have to take some solace in the success of the Mavericks. Bud is a weakness? I really don't see that. He's a young player finding his role on a team that has a lot of pressure to win. He's an electric talent, who can really ignite the crowd with his aggressive moves to the rim. He's struggling with his shot this season, but hopefully he'll get through that and be a force when Yao Ming returns and takes some of the defense away from the perimeter.

dre in : should dallas go after iggy or do they need other positions to fill such as SG?
Bill Ingram: Before the season started I would have said yes. Now that Marion and Butler are playing as well as they are, I don't think Dallas needs Iggy.

Tray in Los Angeles, Ca: Great trade idea who says no. Kaman & Gomes to the 76ers Iguodala & Clipps first round pick to Denver & Spencer Hawes & Melo to the Clippers
Jason Fleming: Last question! I'll assume the salaries work here. Clips don't say no because they get the best player in the deal. Denver might not say no because they get a nice first-round pick and a player who can do many of the things Melo does. This doesn't work for the Sixers at all though, I don't think. That combo actually counts for more salary than Iggy, and that's not the route they want to go.

Eric P in Naptown: Luke , would Igadola be agood fit for the Pacers? A line up of Collison, Igy, Grnager, Josh, Hibbert,not bad or is Iggy a poor fit?
Luke Byrnes: There really isn't that many lineups in which Iggy wouldn't be a good fit, but he'd be great in Indiana. Collison, Granger and Hibbert can all score the ball while Iggy's defense and ability to fill the lane in transition would be a fantastic addition and great complement.

Darryl in : Would this trade work? Magic get Carmelo and Spencer Hawes. Nuggets get Iguodala, Kapono, Ryan Anderson, and picks. 76ers get Vince Carter, Gortat, and picks.
Steve Kyler: This trade works under the cap rules, but what you have is one of the best teams in the league breaking up its bench to add a player that doesn't fit the system... Carmelo is not a good three point shooter and there are no guarantees that he'd sign an extension in Orlando. Additionally, a few Nuggets players have said privately that they do not think Carmelo is leaving, they have said its unlikely he's going to opt out and I think the reason Denver is not entertaining talks on him is they know he's not opting out too. Things change in the NBA on a daily basis, so anything is possible... but based on what I am hearing from Denver they are not looking to trade Carmelo. Orlando has no reason to make this trade, they are better as constructed than how they'd look after this deal... and the deal has Philadelphia picking up contract dollars... about $3 million of them. I think the players swapped works... but I don't think this is a deal that's gets done in season... this is an off-season type trade, where coaches have time to teach and build around those players. Adding Carmelo to Orlando would require the Magic to totally change how they play to fit Carmelo into the system... also not sure Carmelo is ready to be second fiddle to Dwight... I know George Karl is very high on Andre Iguodala so that's easy. Vince wouldn't improve things in Philly, it would be cashing out Andre without getting a future asset in return and as Marcin has proven in extended time, he a great back up but not nearly the center everyone thought he'd be with extended time.

chriz in philippines: Good Day! Since sixers wants an expiring contract, magic needs a big-time scorer & denver is interested wid iggy: sixers gets vc & magic 1st rd pick, magic gets melo, denver gets iggy & a magic filler + future pick, fair trade?
Steve Kyler: The Sixers don't want expiring contracts as much as they want to get better fast... getting out of bad deals is part of that... but getting back young talent or possible high draft picks matters to a team in the basement. Don't fall into the trap of believing a top 30 player can be had in the NBA for garbage in return, its rare and only seems to happen when dealing with Memphis...

Jameson in Dallas: Would Dallas get much better if they manage to swing Butler + Expirings for Iguodala?
Steve Kyler: Very similar players... I take Caron personally, I think he's a better more physical defender and he plays well off of other good players... Iggy is struggling with that role in Philly.

jimmy marosek in orlando fl: whats going on with the magic they cant win it all with the roster they have now .. are there going to to be any major trades with them and wit who. we need somebody like melo- cp3- cpt jack - iggy are who do u think we need
Steve Kyler: You can't get Chris Paul... trust me, I am standing in New Orleans and had this conversation with a few people today... Chris is not going anywhere. As I covered above... from everything coming out of Denver, the Nuggets are not engaging in Melo talks. Iguodala does not fit the system, would lobe to have him but its a square peg kind of thing... and Stephen Jackson is owed too much money. Now, on to the concept of the Magic not being able to win... they are on pace to win 59 games again this season... they lost half the team to a stomach flu and still ran Detroit out of the building. Not sure which team you are watching, but the Magic are as good as anyone in the East.... the question is will Vince or Jameer implode in the playoffs... that's not something a trade can fix, you simply swap known parts for unknown parts... at 15-6 at the 21 game mark it would be very foolish to mess with the roster, unless someone offers you something amazing.

lazeric in jackson, mi: heres a trade i think would work for all parties: DEN gets bosh iggy MIA gets billups nene williams PHI gets melo chalmers majalore works for all rite?
Eric Pincus: You have an active imagination.

Howard in Toronto, On: Isn't Jerry Sloan the most over rated coach in the history of sports? Never won a coach of the year, and zero titles.
Eric Pincus: From what I can tell over recent years, Coach of the Year and that guy is fired/quites/etc. within two years. How many does Phil Jackson have, if that's an important criteria? Most coaches do not have rings. Jerry has two NBA Finals appearances which is more than many. I don't view him as overrated. He's one of the better ones the game has seen but no - he's not on Jackson's level - not on Red's level, etc.

Yan in Philly: When will the Sixers trade iggy? or is management going to miss another opportunity and bask in mediocrity for another 5 years
Eric Pincus: I'd expect Iguodala to be shopped although it's difficult to anticipate where at this point. The rumors will gain steam starting December 15th - likely through the trade deadline.

sandro in cebu: thoughts on jodie meeks? flash in the pan or legit starter? is bayless worth a roster spot or will he be too spotty?
Tommy Beer: I think its time we have to start respecting Jodie Meeks in deep leagues. He has 16+ points in 3 of the Sixers last five games. He won't give you anything other than points and 3's - but if he is getting 25+ minutes a night, he is a decent waiver-wire add. Bayless will be inconsistent, up-and-down. Here are his scoring numbers from his last 5 games: 8, 16, 7, 23, 5. I like his upside, but I don't think we can expect consistency...

Anthony in Orlando, Florida: Hey tommy, its 2010 draft night and you have the option between evan turner and landry fields...who do you pick?
Tommy Beer: Hey Anthony - amazing that it's not a completely crazy question, right? I still take Turner, kid was a STUD at Ohio State and he is too talented an all-around player to pass up. Also, stick Turner in as the starting two-guard on the Knicks this season, and chances are we'd have a different Rookie of the Week for November. Have to keep in mind situation and offensive system etc. And I love Landry as much as the next guy - kid is legit, but let's remember that Channing Frye started his rookie season on fire, and crazy Knicks fans were saying that the Knicks should NOT trade him for Kevin Garnett (when the Wolves were going to move him). So let's see Landry keep it up...Now, with that out of the way, let's not be afraid to hand out some props to Fields. If we are re-drafting the 2010 class - Where does Landry Fields go? As high as number 5? Would the Wolves still take Wesley Johnson ahead of him? What about Epke Udoh? Paul George? Gordon Haywood? Aminu? Ed Davis? Patrick Paterson? Landry would not makes it out of the lottery...

Nel in Toronto: Hey Stephen, will Peja and Weems be enough to land Iggy from Philly? Also, what do you think the Raps need to give up to get OJ Mayo and reunite him with his buddy Derozan?
Stephen Brotherston: Nel. I am a big fan of Iguodala - If the 76ers are in luxury tax saving mode then Iggy + ballast for Peja, Weems, and a draft pick might be possible if that's the best the 76ers can do. (But any trades with Peja or the TPEwill require some juggling to meet the rules - it's not always that easy to do) With a new CBA coming - what players like Iggy with big contracts can be moved for is very unclear. I'm sure the 76ers would be hoping for more. I like OJ too. It's possible he gets moved. He makes $5.5m this year and $7m next - that's a ton of dough for a back-up on a team that has financial challenges. The issue in Toronto will be how to fit him into a team with too many wings in the rotation already - would the Raptors want to give Mayo 36 minutes at the 2 and Barbosa 12? Playing DeRozan & Mayo together gives you a very athletic but very undersized pair of wings - but it could happen.

Rob in Toronto: Does Jose have a future with the Raptors? Does any other team have interest in him?
Stephen Brotherston: Rob, Sure. A great teammate, easy to work with, great distributor, willing to teach, never causes any problems - why wouldn't he have a future? And there are always teams that don't have a distributor and that holds back their team's development and their success - just ask the 76ers!

has in manila: Hi stephen! Jodie meeks or jarryd bayless? Meeks is blowing up! Hickson or favors? Hickson is frustrating..
Stephen Brotherston: has, Meeks is doing great, for a young guy who has just recently been getting more of a chance - but in Toronto, Bayless fits a need and looks like a great prospect to become a lead guard in the future. I like Bayless better. Hickson is driving his coach crazy - but I think its the LBJfactor that allowed Hickson to play that way in the past and now he has to unlearn alot of bad habits. It is almost like he is starting over. Favors is a rookie in every sense of the word, at 19-years-old it is just too soon to call - amazing physical gifts that if he learns to use them - could make him a dominant big man. If you want a player to put in a game today - Hickson. 5 years from now????

sandro in cebu: will oj mayo rebound from his recent slump? is jodie meeks for real??
Joel Brigham: OJ's going to be fine. Part of it is his situation, and part of it is just confidence. But both of those things have the potential to improve any time, and he's too talented not to get his groove back at some point here. He might not be ideal for fantasy hoops at the moment, but I'd love to have him on my real-life team, even now. As for Meeks, don't forget that this is the kid who scored 50 when he was still in college at UK. I remember being a litle surprised he was a second-round pick knowing how well he could score the ball. There's always a market for players like that, and he's being given an opportunity in Philly to rain down a little bit right now. He's never been particularly consistent with his minutes or his scoring, but I suppose now is as good an opportunity as he's ever going to get. For his sake (because I like him) I hope he does well with it.

carson in pa: Do you think the sixers could get carmelo
Joel Brigham: Well, they're certainly interested in moving Iguodala, so it's possible that they be involved in that deal one way or another. Can't imagine that being a place Melo agrees to re-up, though.

Will in Canada: How bout this blockbuster? My grizzlies get Iggy and Brandon Bass. Magic get Carmelo and Nene. The 76ers get Gortat, JR Smith, and Daniel Orton. Nuggets get OJ Mayo, Speights, and two 17 mill expiring deals with Vince Carter and Z. Randolph.
Lang Greene: Doesn't happen. But let's go team by team. The Grizzlies would have to give up a legitimate nightly 20/10 threat in Zach Randolph for Brandon Bass. Not sure you do that. As much as I like the energy Bass provides - he's never been a full-time starter ... a guy team's game plan specifically toward stopping. Big difference. The Magic would be thrilled. Give up Carter, Gortat and Orton for Carmelo and Nene. Pure highway robbery if they could walk away with this from a talent standpoint The Sixers give up Iguodala for Gortat, JR Smith and Orton. Please. I know center in the modern NBA is the hardest position to fill, but you can get more for Iguodala than Gortat. Smith is expiring and the Sixers aren't going to sign him long-term with them trying to develop Evan Turner at the 2. And Orton ... is basically damaged goods right now. The Nuggets get a good young piece in Mayo, but Carter and Randolph are expiring and probably aren't long-term options. If the Nuggets trade Melo it'll be for more than Mayo and a throw in. Plus Mayo lost his starting gig to a rookie on a sub .500 team. No one is going to give up a franchise player w/ him as the centerpiece right now.

hasnain in mumbai: lang, do you see oj mayo getting out of his slump? is jodie meeks for real or would you rather have jarryd bayless? thanks
Lang Greene: Mayo is too good to stay in this slump forever. I think the adjustment to becoming a reserve is playing on him mentally. And once the mental edge is disturbed ... the production decline is sure to follow. Meeks and Bayless - toss up right now. Ask me next week. I like how both guys are thriving.

Scott in Santa Barbara, CA: The Clips are playing better, but still need that small forward that they failed to get this summer. They're about $6 million under the cap so how about Foye, Gomes, and the Wolves pick for Iguodala
Yannis Koutroupis: I'm sure that's something Philly would consider once they decide to put Iggy on the block, but there are probably better deals out there. I'd rather have Jamison from Cleveland myslef.

Shawn in Rochester, MN: Hi Yannis. Are the Wolves pursing Iggy? I am somewhat optimistic about Darko/Love/Beasley up front. Their PGs have been bad but Rubio is hopefully on the way. SG is the weak point, and Iggy would provide some ball handling and D right?
Yannis Koutroupis: Not that I know of Shawn. I'm not sure how much I like the idea of Iggy on the Wolves to be honest with you. Don't know if he's a great fit alongside Michael Beasley, plus they've worked really hard to have one of the most attractive cap situations in the league. Acquiring Iggy would ruin that and potentially not even change the status of the team that much. I think the TWolves would win more games with him, but would they take the kind of jump that justifies adding that salary? Can't say I'm sure about that. Don't forget Flynn is still on the way back when talking about the PG situation.

Hurricane Ken in Los Angeles: Should Philly trade Iggy, and if so what's his likely landing spot? Another one, is Darren Collison the most disappointing summer move of the season so far?
Alex Kennedy: Will the 76ers move Andre Iguodala? It's tough to tell. If they continue to improve and move up in the standings, I don't think so. They're pleased with the way their team has looked since moving Jodie Meeks, who compliments Iguodala well, into the starting lineup and they nearly knocked off the Celtics last night. If they continue to improve, I don't think we see any movement. But if they do decide to trade him, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors are the two teams to watch. Teams that have held discussions with the Sixers all say the same thing: Philadelphia would only want to move him to get out of his contract and they find those $14.5 million trade exceptions very attractive. As far as Darren Collison goes, I think he just needs time to adjust. Not only is he changing coaches, teammates, and systems, he came in injured which slowed down the process. Darren will be alright, he just needs some time. He's sharing minutes with T.J. Ford, who is playing great this season, so that has caused his numbers to dip but I'm not worried about D.C.

Raps Fan in Toronto, ON: Do the raps have any interest in Ellis, Iggy, or Rip Hamilton? We have a TPE that's got "steal a player from a struggling team" written all over it.
Alex Kennedy: Yes, you are exactly right. One executive explained it like this: If a marquee player on a struggling team becomes available, the Raptors and Cavaliers will have first dibs because of their trade exceptions. Teams are looking to get out of contracts right now and those two teams have the edge in trade talks, even over teams who have a sizeable ending contract because the team that acquires the expiring player would still have to pay their salary for this year. Those $14.5 million trade exceptions are very valuable right now and, you're right, they do have "steal a player from a struggling team" written all over them.


Dan (Philly): better player for the next five years: iggy or turner? who has more trade value?
Chris Sheridan: Hard to choose between those two given the years they're both having. Turner has the greater trade value because he comes at a fraction of the cost. Iggy is the guy the Sixers would prefer to move because of the lack of bang for the buck they're getting for what they are paying him.

Joey (SLC): Would a deal of Iggy for AK47 makes sense for the Jazz? They tend to get killed in the playoffs by scoring guards, and Iggy is considered a very good defender.
Chris Sheridan: If the Jazz took that risk, it would be a $44 million risk because that is how much money Iggy is owed over the next three years. I don't see ownership going for that big of a financial risk. They do have Raja Bell to defend Kobe this year, and they won the teams' first meeting (plus two exhibitions against the Lakers).

Al (Hershey, PA): Can Evan Turner be fixed?
David Thorpe: Probably, if he's willing.

Michael (Milwaukee): Did Even Turner drop out of the top 10? (Hollinger redraft of top 10 publishing next day)
David Thorpe: Yes, and he should be thankful I didn't do a top 20. :)

RoytheBoy (Cleveland): Have you heard the Iggy to Cleveland rumor? Why would we wanna give up our young talent for him? I DONT WANNA WIN NOW!
David Thorpe: Agreed.

Sean (Philly): Chad, thanks for the time. Any chance the Sixers look to move Iguadala right after Dec 15? They need to get a better look at Turner and the only way to do that is to move Iggy.
Chad Ford: I think he's at, or near, the top of the list of players likely to be traded before the February trade deadline. The combination of Holiday, Turner & Iguodala isn't working and if the Sixers can get Iguodala's number off their books, their in much better shape financially as well. My only issue ... is Evan Turner going to step up? He's got a lot of potential if the ball is in his hands, but off the ball I have serious questions.

Hayden (New York): Who has been the most disappointing rookie in your eyes thus far?
Chad Ford: Evan Turner by a mile. But I'm also surprised Wes Johnson hasn't been better. I didn't think he'd be a superstar, but I thought he'd contribute more to a bad team right away.

Vlada (Minneapolis): Most disappointing rookie: Cousins, Johnson, Monroe, Turner, the list goes on...
John Hollinger: Not a real invigorating start by this year's class, eh? Based on production to date Landry Fields should have gone second. But remember, a lot of other years we've thought the same thing after 20 games, only to have several players improve in the second half.

Monterrio (Memphis): Why do you think most people just consider stats to determine players now instead of what you see on the court?
Ric Bucher: Two reasons: stats are easy to latch on to and make an argument. My issue is that the stats available in hoops don't come anywhere close to capturing a player's true worth or effectiveness. I'm all for stats, but they have to be meaningful, used in context and given proper weight. Second reason: teams are complicated machines. Relationships are a huge part of what makes them work. But how do you measure effective relationships and how many people understand the way relationships have to work for a team to win? It's not as simple as liking each other or being unselfish or the sepia-toned images we like to use. I have to admit, I've been covering the league for almost two decades and I know a winning formula when I see it, but I can't always draw a diagram that would make sense to someone who doesn't see it, too.

Kenny (Oregon): If it's true that the Blazers are getting ready to trade there veterans, where do you think Marcus Camby lands? I think he would be good with the 76ers since they don't have a center.
Ric Bucher: Marcus Camby fascinates me. If you talk to GMs, they'll tell you he's a dangerous vet to have around younger players and that he's obsessed with getting his numbers ahead of team play. Yet players will tell you he's a good teammate and he's certainly helped some teams in his day. Get the sense he's one of those high-maintenance players and it just depends on your team whether he's worth the time and energy to keep happy.

Michael (North Jersey): Who do you think would genuinely make the team (Knicks) better? Melo or Iggy?
Chris Sheridan: Melo, without a doubt. Iggy is the better defender, but Melo is the better clutch scorer. Seems to be that every time I wath Iggy shoot for the win, he misses.

Andrew (Bronx, NY): Does it make sense for the Knicks to go after Igudola, despite his talent, he doesn't spread the floor like Gallo does when he's on. And if they don't go after Igudola, and fail with Melo, is Jeff Green the next piece? And is Mason going to get another shot on the floor, or is he that bad in practice?
Chris Sheridan: If they acquire Iggy, it uses up all the cap room they have to pursue Melo. So the only way I see them considering Iggy is if Melo signs his extension.


ESPN.com - Marc Stein
23rd (26th previously) - As stated via Twitter on a very sad Friday night, Phil Jasner of the Philly Daily News was as synonymous with the Sixers as Dr. J, Iverson, you name it. So please, Sixers: Sew something onto your unis to pay tribute to him.

Dimemag.com - Austin Burton
24th The same week Evan Turner gets benched, Jodie Meeks drops 20 points and 6 threes in the first half against the Bobcats as the starter. Doug Collins is looking for anything that works, so he may roll with that lineup for a while.

CBSSports.com - Dave Del Grande
22nd (27th previously) Why the rise: Three wins over a four-game stretch (vs. the Nets, Blazers and Bobcats) equals the Sixers' total in the first 16 games of the season.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
23rd (27th previously) Saturday's win over the Bobcats was the Sixers' best offensive game of the season, but it's been their defense that has helped them win three of their last four and get their first single-digit win of the season. They've also won four straight at home, where they play five of their next six.

NBCSports.com - Kurt Helin
23rd They quietly have won three of their last four, and their defense has looked better lately. Also, their point differential (-1.6) is that of a 9-11 team. Look for them to keep winning more.

Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
24th (29th previously) The Sixers have quietly put together three wins in four tries. It doesn't take much more than that to climb back into contention for an eighth seed in the East.

Fanhouse.com - Brett Pollakoff
26th (29th previously) Philadelphia has now won two straight, but the wins haven't necessarily been because of the play of Andre Iguodala. The team's star tied a season-low with just seven points in 42 minutes of action in Philadelphia's win over the Blazers on Tuesday.

SI.CNN.COM - Britt Robson
22nd (28th previously) Saturday's solid victory against Charlotte was an important one for coach Doug Collins. The Sixers had melted down at Atlanta the night before, a 21-3 stretch over the final 8:32 that culminated in Philadelphia's failing to rebound a missed Hawks free throw while down one with 18 seconds to play, and then, behind by three, fumbling away the inbounds pass to seal the loss. Collins, a veteran taskmaster who doesn't camouflage his anguish on the sideline, had subbed out starting point guard Jrue Holiday for Jodie Meeks on that last possession -- only to watch Meeks commit the fatal turnover. The fallout could have easily been dissension and lack of effort on the ensuing second night of the back-to-back. But Meeks, starting alongside Holiday in the backcourt for the second game in a row, scored 20 first-quarter points and the young Sixers went on to win their fourth consecutive home game.

BBR.com - Schedule Adjusted Rankings
Sixers 18th (22nd last week)


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