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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 19

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

ESPN Chats

Stephen (Philadelphia)
Thorpedo: What do you attribute the sudden "resurgence" (if you will) of the Sixers? The team's been playing pretty good ball recently. Is Doug Collins finally getting everyone on the same page?
David Thorpe
I'm not sure, but probably yes. Coaching takes time.

John (Austin, TX)
Is Jodie Meeks a legit starting NBA 2 or more of a rotation guy who's playing because Philly's got nobody else?Thanks
David Thorpe
Rotation guy.

dave (denver)
Philly recently recalled Brackins; is there any reason to believe he could see playing time?
David Thorpe
Probably not much. He could end up going back and forth two more times.

Cosmo (Anytown, USA)
Do you think Jrue Holiday ever enters the 'best PG' conversation? He is really good, really young, and due to his team, easily overlooked.
David Thorpe
My guess is he'll be a notch below the "best".

Rod Thorn (Philadelphia, PA)
Should I blow it up (trade iguodala and brand to get youth and picks and expirings) or should I try and solidify what i have (marcus camby maybe) to be a more solid team?
John Hollinger
The Sixers are better than people think -- they've lost a ton of close games and my Playoff Odds still project them as the No. 8 seed in the East. Given that, I'd err more on the side of the later approach, although not to the point I'd be taking on a 36-year-old center.

Bo (Philadephia)
Hey Ric... I am a huge NBA fan who happens to live in Philadelphia.... and while I recognize right now that we are on the bottom tier teams/franchises right now I must admit I have been impressed with the way the team has played lately. What would you do if you are in charge of the sixers? Move Iggy/keep Turner... Keep Iggy Move Turner?
Ric Bucher
Iguodala doesn't want to be there. If you can move him for some cap relief and picks, you do it. I'm not sure what Turner is yet, but he's on a rookie contract and you'd be trading an unknown asset. Too early for that. And you're in no hurry. Philly needs to look at prepping their team to compete on the other side of the lockout.

Jason (Orlando)
What would it take to get Iggy in a Magic uni?? VC and Gortat?
Ric Bucher
I heard Orlando explored that and offered Redick and Gortat. Vince and Gortat, I suspect, would get it done. Even though coaching Vince might cause Doug Collins to faint a half-dozen more times this season.

Derek (Philadelphia)
Do the Sixers have a chance at landing Melo? We got the young talent, a seasoned wing player (Iggy), and the type of team that can compete.
Ric Bucher
That was explored at one time. Melo isn't re-signing there, so it won't happen.

goyo. keizer, oregon [via mobile]
Can the Blazers trade for Andre igaduala "Iggy" trade away miller and pryzbilla & a first rounder? Or who can Portland get to improve?
Ric Bucher
Heard they offered Batum and Przybilla for Iguodala and Philly didn't bite. My sense is they'll move Roy before they move Miller.

Sean (Orlando)
Earlier you suggested VC and Gortat for Iggy. Does that really make the Magic a whole lot better?
Ric Bucher
Fair question. Let's say it gives them a chance to be better. Defensively, they're struggling big time on the perimeter. Iguodala would help immensely. And, as is, they're just not good enough.

Damon (Santa Cruz, CA)
Any chance the Jazz could land Iggy? He'd be a great 3 with Sloan.
Ric Bucher
No. Utah is saving money, not spending it.

Hoopsworld.com Chats

Peter in Vancouver:
Hi Bill! Seems like Morey is getting ready to make a big trade in the next month or so to salvage the season. A trade that can help them short & long term. I got a feeling a big name player will land in Houston soon. Your thoughts.
Bill Ingram:
There aren't many "Big" names available. Carmelo's not landing in Houston, and Iguodala will end up either in Cleveland or Toronto, two teams with large trade exceptions to offer. The Rockets are working to land another big-time player, but Carl Landry may be the ultimate move. That would be fine with me, he was always clutch in the 4th quarter.

John in Houston:
Prince & Maxiell for Brand & Kapono Who says no?
Bill Ingram:
Detroit . . .Brand's contract is prohibitively expensive

sandro in cebu:
will OJ mayo get back to being the mayo of old? too much talent to be sitting on the bench. is evan turner a bust, and did the sixer find gold with meeks?
Luke Byrnes:
I wouldn't worry too much about O.J. Mayo. He is a really good player. Not a franchise player, but certainly capable of being a great role player on a really good team. He is in a tough situation right now because it seems as if the Grizzlies have decided to make re-signing their big guys (Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol) rather than extending Mayo's deal. There is only so much money to go around and Mike Conley and Rudy Gay got big paydays already.
It is too early to call Evan Turner a bust. The guy has a great all-around game and has shown that he can make a difference at the NBA level. Consistency will come with time and he'll be a starter in the NBA for a long time so long as he continues to work on his game.

cantwait90 in s.e,dc:
Which is more likely to happen? Arenas & Blatche for Lewis & Gortat. or Arenas & Thornton for Iggy & Turner.
Larry Coon:
Um, neither?
I don't think Washington will be able to pull off an Arenas trade this year. Not with three years and $60 million remaining on his deal after this season.
I also hear that Philly doesn't want to move Iggy this season. And if they do, it'll be for financial reasons -- so why would they take back Arenas?
So of your two trades, the Orlando deal is more plausible, but neither is likely.

lazeric in jackson, mi:
if the WIZ agree to take back Elton Brand do u think they could get Iggy in exchange for Arenas and a filler?
Tommy Beer:
No - Brand's contract is far more cap-friendly and he is actually playing well this season.  No way the Sixers would ever consider giving up their best player and their team's leading scorer for one of the league's worst contracts (with a bum knee)

carson in mewtown:
Will evan turner ever become the sixers star player
Alex Kennedy:
Give him time. In college, he didn't break out as an elite player right away either. Once he gets comfortable and adjusted, there's still a chance that he becomes a star. Watching him now, he has a long way to go but it's way to early to give up on him in Philadelphia.

Hoophype.com Rumors Page

There was talk about the Cavs trading for 76ers guard/forward Andre Iguodala. One source seems to indicate the Sixers might ask teams to take Elton Brand off their hands, too, in such a deal. That sounds like a deal breaker. News-Herald  (Ohio Newspaper)

A number of NBA teams have made inquiries on the availability of Sixers' guard Andre Iguodala in trade and all of them were turned away according to 76ers sources. The Sixers seem unwilling to entertain trade packages for Iggy according to a source that inquired about him recently, saying the team is exploring other ways to improve. Their stance is Iguodala is still a cornerstone player for the team and not on the market. HoopsWorld.com

ESPN - Sophmore Rankings (Insider)

8. - Jure Holiday - The Sixers are 5-2 since losing to the Heat on Nov. 26, and Holiday has been a core part of their improvement. Although his stats are only OK, they look better when taking into account that he's one of the league's youngest players. His ability to manage a game and defend the other team's point guard is impressive. Holiday is not shooting as well as he did last season, but I expect him to make progress in this area as the season unfolds.

10.  Jodie Meeks - Stroking it from deep and playing with fire, Meeks is doing what fellow classmate Marcus Thornton did last season as a rookie. He's been a huge part of Philly's recent success, making shots and good decisions with the ball. Half his shot attempts are 3s, helping the Sixers' offense a great deal by forcing teams to honor him and play four-on-four inside or help off him and live with the results.


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Exclusive Andre Iguodala Nike Kicks

I'll have a wrap of last night's game later tonight with the charts and some thoughts. In the mean time, I'm just happy there's one fewer team to worry about in the Eastern conference for the next decade. Just give it a year or two and Orlando will pass the Sixers on their way to the bottom.
by GoSixers on Dec 19 2010
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