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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 5

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

Frank in Sacramento - Hi Bill, Thoughts re this DEN-NY-PHIL-MIA trade.DEN gives Melo/BLPS/JR for BOSH/IGY+parts.NY gives parts+GALLI/CHANDLER for MELO. PHIL gives IGGY+ parts for CHAND/GALLI/JR. MIA gives BOSH for BLPS. 

Bill Ingram -I do think a deal that sent Billups to Miami for Bosh would help the HEAT after they get Haslem back. They need one more playmaker and one less guy who needs to dominate the ball. I obviously don't have time in this setting to really look at the implications of that deal in terms of matching up salaries and all that, but there are some good ideas there. I don't think Denver gets enough back .

Pav in Houston - Rumour has it that the Rockets are one of the teams that want Iguodala. However, I think the Rox are more interested in getting a star PG rather than another wing player. Melo would be nice but I would say Billups would help more.
Bill Ingram - Billups helps if you have another star player . . .like if Yao is healthy, for example. If you had Martin and Iggy, Billups helps. But Chauncey's days of taking over games are largely behind him. The Rockets are concerned about the 3 position more than anything else, and while Budinger is part of that solution, they'd like to have an established star.

76ers Fan in North Philadelphia - What should my sixers do? trade Iggy to the mavs for jet, and the two frenchies ( rodrigue and alexis) or to the thunder and get some bigs in return?
Bill Ingram - Are those the only two options? I know the Hornets are hot on Iggy's trail, as well as Houston and a few others. I don't think he lands in either Dallas or OKC.

anthony in new york - how about iguodala to the knicks for randolph wilson and tony d
Bill Ingram - You sure you don't want to throw in Holiday and Turner while you're at it?

nick V in - what is the biggest adjustment evan turner needs to make to be succesful in nba? he is struggling a lot!
Bill Ingram - For Evan it's all about confidence. I was talking to him about that a few days ago. He just has to adjust to his new situation and to the speed and pace of the NBA. I'm a little surprised Collins continues to start him, but he want Evan to know they believe in him.

Dallas Fan in DALLAS TX - Any chance Iggy could come to Dallas? say for Caron Butler And Deshawn Stevenson for Iggy and Tony Battie and or Jodie Meeks? And how come there has been talk about Melo to Big D? We have tons of expiring contracts and Beaubois.. it?
Jason Fleming - At 12-4 and looking very good, does it make sense for Dallas to be pushing for a move? Chemistry isn't easily built and right now they have it. Things looked good going into the Caron Butler acquisition last year too, and the results were less than stellar.
As for why no talk of Melo to Dallas - what does Dallas have that Denver wants? (Let's just ignore the fact the Nuggets are winning 63% of their games at the moment.) Denver wants youth, they want a versatile young talent to replace Melo, they want a post player (more youth), and draft picks. The only player that Dallas has the Nuggets should have legit interest in is Beaubois, which Dallas isn't trading. And even if they would, that's not nearly enough. For Melo to land in Dallas, more teams will have to be involved. And he has to commit to the extension.

Jeff in Oklahoma City - Who do you think are the most likely player(s) to be traded before the deadline? What team that realistically has a chance at the playoffs cannot stand pat the way they are?
Jason Fleming - I think any player who has an expiring contract and isn't living up to the dollars is likely to be traded. That could be Peja Stojakovic, Kenyon Martin, or Samuel Dalembert
Also, Troy Murphy is at the top of my list too, not because he can't play but because the Nets don't want to give him a role. Caron Butler as well.
As far as legit impact players being moved, I think that list is small. It could include Jason Richardson and it could possibly include Andre Iguodala.

brandon in new orleans la - Well I still think the hornets still need a player like AI9 so how about MT5 David Anderson and some other players to fill in and cash for him
Jason Fleming - Iguodala is $13.8 million. Andersen and Thornton combined make $3.4 million. The only way to fill the gap is to include Okafor or West, or a combination of other players. Considering how important each player is to the team's current success, I don't see it happening. Remember, cash does not count when calculating a trade - it's a sweetener, just like a draft pick. No value when it comes to making a trade work under the CBA.
The Hornets may make another move this year, but if they do it will be a small one. With Peja gone and the success of the current roster, it doesn't make sense to make a big one, whether they need a top tier shooting guard or not (which is debateable).

Jim in - Is Evan Turner a bust? or it's due to Iggy's similar style which might affect him? Iggy was out a due to injuries & there was Turner's chance, but he still didn't show me much. Is it early to tell still?
Jason Fleming - In my opinion, calling a player a bust in less than two years is way, way, way too early. Give him time. I do think we are heading for an Iguodala trade at some point - a la Kevin Martin from Sacramento last year - but not quite yet. Patience.

Scott in Santa Barbara, CA - A radio station in Philly last week said that Kaman and Iguodala were almost traded for each other before each was injured. Do you like the deal for either team and do you see it happening when Kaman starts playing again this week?
Jason Fleming - Actually, I don't see it as a good deal for either side. Iguodala is a very good player, but would he be more valuable to the Clippers at SF than Kaman at center? I don't see this as the best deal the Sixers can get if they do move Iguodala.

jaimeson trocheck in virginia beach, va - if MIA continues to struggle, any chance they trade 1 of big 3 for a more well rounded roster? something like a LBJ for Iggy, Brand, Hawes, Jrue, etc kind of deal would still give MIA a tough squad. or does this just prove i'm crazy?
Jason Fleming -  It does make some sense, but I don't see any of the Big Three being traded for at least two years. And even then, I think trading one of the two most dominant players in the game - and most durable - is not the route they would go.

kevin in orlando fl - it really doesnt seem like vince and jameer can take us to the finals how about a trade that send jameer ryan anderson and a draft pic to philly for iggy and vince to the suns for nash what u think?
Jason Fleming - That's not going to get you to the Finals either - at least not in 2011. By the time the team got the chemistry right Nash's window may be closed.
That, and Nash isn't available at all. Unless Nash publicly asks out of Phoenix, he isn't going anywhere.

Bell In golden state in sf, ca - Who is a realistic starting smallforward for the warriors to target? Dorrel Wright is good, but his streaky shooting makes him a 6th or 7th of the bench. Williams and Wright off the bench makes the bench stronge
Luke Byrnes - Iggy?  What a great complement he would be to players like Steph Curry and Monta Ellis.  Iggy could focus on the defensive end and thrive in the open court.  That would be a dream come true for the Warriors. 

Chris in Orlando - Are the magic interested in Iggy? Would Iggy even be a good fit with his poor 3-point shooting
Steve Kyler - Welcome in everyone... hope the holidays were good to you... only 85 more shopping days until the NBA Trade Deadline, so lets get after it...
No... zero interest from the Magic in trades at all... we talked to Otis Smith last week about trading Vince Carter and the need to make change to compete and he just doesn't sound concerned.. when you are the best team in the East (tied with Boston) - you really don't need to make changes.
Look at how change impacted this magic team last year... look at how Miami is adjusting... not worth the risk. Now if someone gets hurt, like season ending injury hurt, that may change, but Orlando likes who they are right now.

ced in Geneva, Switzerland - Hi Steve, I'm trying to find the K Martin (good player Vs expiring)of this year deadline who can that be, Iguy? Jamison? Blatche? Camby?
Steve Kyler - Igudolla might be that guy... the 76ers haven't decided to trade Andre yet, but it looks inevitable... Antawn Jamison has a cyst in his knee that he's been playing through, so thats a high risk option... Blatche is a terrible teammate... Ownership likes Camby too much to see him traded.  I'd also toss Jason Richardson in there... I think he could be had, and likely had heap.

Jbone in NOLA - Does the Hornets swapping Peja for smaller contracts and a $9.7 TPE suggest that they have given up on acquiring bigger money players like Iggy or Melo?
Larry Coon -
No, I think Demps went with the deal that made the most sense right then, without too much strategizing about a potential deal that has to be regarded as pretty unlikely. The Hornets could still go after a big-name player, and a huge trade exception isn't a requirement.

ony in Indy -Mike Dunleavy Jr ($10.5 expiring), Paul George, 1st Round Draft pick for Andre Iguodala. Good move/Bad move?
Tommy Beer -  great move for the Pacers.  Terrible move for the Sixers

Bo in :
What teams do u see looking for a trade the most?

Lang Greene:
In the Eastern Conference, I see teams like Indiana, Philadelphia and possibly Cleveland making deals around the trade deadline. Indiana has over $25 million in expiring contracts and will be in the playoff mix. Do they pull the trigger now for a piece this season or wait until next summer once those salaries come off the books. Philly is basically in a position if Iguodala/Brand can't get them close to .500 then they may be looking to cut payroll and rebuild. If Cleveland is hovering around playoff contention ... I see them making a move.

jay jay in tucson az:
Deng to phi, taj and 1stround to den, iggy and a pick to den, chicago gets melo, would it work? What do u think?

Lang Greene:
Let's clean up the trade a bit.

Philly - gets Deng, but loses Iggy and first round pick

Chicago - gets Melo, but loses Taj Gibsobn and a first round pick

Denver - gets Iggy, Taj and two 1st round ricks

Philadelphia is saying NOOOOO to this!

Giving up Iggy and a first round pick to get Luol Deng? Man I like Deng, but it's known fact that he's grossly overpaid for what he gives you. Plus he's basically making around the same money as Iggy. Why would Philly ever want to do this? They can get much more value for Iguodala.

Eric P in Naptown:
Yannis, How much better is Carmello than say Danny Grnager? Is Grnager better than Iguadola?

Yannis Koutroupis:
All three are amongst the league's elite in my opinion, but Anthony is an MVP candidate that is one of the league's most natural scorers. He's on another level than those two. I may rank Granger slightly ahead of Iggy, but it's probably more of a toss up.

Ed in Philly:
Since the proposed trade fell through with Peja for Iggy(which might of made sense for both team),in your estimation who seems like a possible good trade partner for the sixers?

Yannis Koutroupis:
Maybe the Houston Rockets, who have long been rumored to have interest in Iggy.

Derek in Lake Mary,:
Hey Alex! Love your work. Lots of rumors about the Magic and Melo/Arenas. However I would prefer Iguodola. Younger, won't cost you as much in trade. Great defender, scorer, and rebounder. Your thoughts on that happening?

Alex Kennedy:
I think Igoudala is the most realistic option for the Magic. The Nuggets aren't moving Carmelo Anthony to Orlando because they don't have the young pieces or attractive contracts that other teams are offering. The Wizards and Magic are both saying that Arenas/Carter talks are in the past. If Orlando wants to make a big move, Igoudala may be their only hope. The Sixers seem willing to talk to teams that can offer a large expiring and a piece or two for Igoudala. That's why Philadelphia and New Orleans were in discussions before Peja was traded to the Raptors. If the Magic can move Carter and a player for Igoudala, I think they have to do it.

Raps Fan in Toronto, ON:
Hey Alex, thanks for the chat bro, you are a stand up guy and love your work. What do you think of a Peja for Iguodala or Ellis swap. Both teams get some cap room for next year and Raps get a legit scorer in the process.

Raps Fan in Toronto, ON:
Hey Alex, thanks for the chat bro, you are a stand up guy and love your work. What do you think of a Peja for Iguodala or Ellis swap. Both teams get some cap room for next year and Raps get a legit scorer in the process.

ESPN.com Chats

jd (philly) - any chance the sixers move iguodala after december 15th? are cleveland or houston the most likely destinations?
David Thorpe - Yes, and yes. He fits well in Houston next to Brooks and Martin since both of them are scorers and Iggy is a playmaker.

VW (NYC) - Jrue Holiday or Eric Bledsoe?
David Thorpe - Excellent question. I'd lean to Holiday as being more of a sure thing, with Bledsoe having slightly more upside.

phil (pa) - Do the 76ers have one viable frontcourt option for the future? Hawes is awful, Speights doesn't pass, Brand is 52 years old.
David Thorpe -  Go small with Young at 4.

Patrick (PA) - Why does Evan Turner always have the deer in the headlights look? Is it too early to say "bust?"
David Thorpe - Way too early. But danger signs are everywhere.

Warren (TN) - Best candidate for "bad eastern team that makes a surprising run at .500 and sneaks into the playoffs"? 1. Washington 2. Philly 3. Toronto 4. New Jersey 5. Charloette
John Hollinger -Toronto. All my metrics say they're better than their record and could easily make the playoffs, although the one time I saw them in person (at Portland) it was one of the worst games I've ever seen. Plus, if they're close I think Colangelo will try to add players at the deadline.
Matt (Philly) - Is there anything to blame for #2 pick ET's performance so far? Is Collins too tough, roster too unbalanced, Iggy too mean?
John Hollinger - I think he just hasn't been good. Sometimes it's that simple. Sure Turner is better with the ball, but it's tough to put the ball in a guy's hands when he can't deliver buckets. The best move right now might be to let him learn by watching, but that's a tough sell with a No. 2 overall pick.

Rachel (Hattiesburg) -  Hi Ric! Louis Williams of the Sixers... why isnt he a starter? He's pretty consistent and is great at getting to the line and making his free throws. Id like to see him start.
Ric Bucher - Because they already have two guys who are 2 guards masquerading as PGs -- Turner and Jrue. I just don't know what Louis does particularly well, other than get to the line. And Corey Maggette is the champ at that and, well...

Dan G (Cleveland) - Should I go after Iggy? I mean he is a decent scoring SF you could probably take this team to a 5 seed. Your thoughts?
Ric Bucher - Fifth seed? East is bad, but not that bad. And I just got finished telling you you don't have a post scorer or a PG and you want to get a poor man's LeBron? Dan, you're *still* not paying attention.





ESPN.com - Stein
26th (27th last week) Funny thing about Philly: The same team beaten twice in overtime by the Wiz has cruised by double-digits in all four of its rare victories. Must be why Hollinger's rankings treat the Jrue Holiday Sixers kinder than we do.]

NBCSports.com - Kurt Helin
27th This team cannot win a close game to save their season.

28th (29th last week) Power forward Elton Brand's return to form after a couple of miserable years qualifies as a pleasant surprise, but the Sixers' poor first month prompts a search for the surprising negatives. And that leads us to the horrible results from two offseason trades. In June, GM Ed Stefanski dealt Samuel Dalembert to the Kings for Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni. Hawes has been soft and woefully inaccurate as a shooter while not protecting the rim nearly as well as Dalembert; Nocioni is an expensive addition to the swingman logjam that also includes top player Andre Iguodala and top pick Evan Turner. In September, with Stefanski now working under new president Rod Thorn, Philadelphia traded two players -- Jason Smith and Willie Green -- who have become regular rotation members for the 12-5 Hornets in exchange for Darius Songaila and Craig Brackins, who have combined for 37 minutes in Philadelphia.

NBA.com - John Schuhman
27th(27th last week) - The Sixers' season is already showing reruns. Last week featured another overtime loss in Washington and another somewhat-respectable performance against the Heat. They're now 0-9 in games decided by single digits, allowing opponents to shoot a league-high 55 percent in "clutch" situations.

Fanhouse.com - Brett Polllakoff
26th (29th last week) Philadelphia has now won two straight, but the wins haven't necessarily been because of the play of Andre Iguodala. The team's star tied a season-low with just seven points in 42 minutes of action in Philadelphia's win over the Blazers on Tuesday.

Sam Smith - NBA.com
Doug Collins' nightmare season continues. The 76ers had to suffer the worst loss of the season last week when Evan Turner missed two free throws with seconds left and a three point lead and then Jrue Holiday fouled a running John Wall maybe 35 feet from the basket and Wall cleverly threw up something and got three foul shots, a tie and win in overtime. Said Holiday: We're just thinking to ourselves, 'How is this happening?'" Then the 76ers go from that to losing in Miami, though the only statistical category they didn't win or tie in the box score was free throws, perhaps a further indictment on the Heat who got dominated by that kind of 76ers team. Said Collins of the game in Miami: "We outshot them from the field, outshot them from two, outrebounded them, had more assists... and we lose." As the Bulls of the '90s knew, that aura of invincibility can get you a few wins. Lacking that, which Miami is, evens the playing field

David Thorpe ESPN.com - Rookie Report
Evan Turner, 76ers - There's no other way to say it: Turner is just a mess on offense right now. He's struggling to get good shots and struggling even more to make them. His situation reminds me some of J.J. Redick's rookie year, though at least Turner is getting playing time. Redick had a bad summer, and he just could not get things turned around. The same can be said about Turner now

Hoopsworld.com - NBA AM - Steve Kyler - 'Let's Make a Deal'
Andre Iguodala - owed $12.30 million: 76ers sources have maintained all season that a decision to move Andre Iguodala has not been made yet. The team continues to run the bulk of their offense through him, but with a 5-13 record and the worst record in the Eastern Conference it seems inevitable that Iguodala is going to be traded.

Here is the rub. The 76ers were hopping second overall pick Evan Turner would emerge in the first month of the season as a future star which would make a trade decision on Iguodala easier.

Turner has been less than impressive, hence the indecision from the 76ers.
Iguodala has three years and $48.1 million remaining on his deal and has proven he is not a focal point player. His contract is too rich for Orlando's blood and while the Hornets seemed interested, they traded away the lone asset that could have made a deal work when they sent Peja Stojakovic to Toronto.

During the offseason when the Carmelo Anthony rumors were in full swing, Nuggets' coach George Karl led the Iguodala for Carmelo Anthony rumors and with the pieces Philadelphia has they could be a bigger player in the Carmelo race if they genuinely wanted to enter it.
Iguodala seems like the likeliest player to change teams before the deadline. The problem with Iguodala is with his contract, the teams that want him and could use him can't afford him long-term and the teams that can afford him long-term don't need or want him, because he is a second option player.

When those roles change, it's inevitable that Philadelphia will trade Andre Iguodala, there just isn't a deal out there that Philly has engaged.

by GoSixers on Dec 5 2010
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