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Sixers Around the Web - Feb. 13

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.
Hoopsworld.com Chats

(The first chat entry is from our very own Chunky Soup! Great job getting an AI9 for DPOY question in there!)

Chunky Soup in Jersey: With the way Iguodala is shutting down good players on the wing pretty much every game, shouldn't he be at the top of the list for Defensive Player of the Year?
Lang Greene: Last question for the night family! Great questions peeps ... you came strong! You can always hit me via e-mail or Twitter. As some of you know I respond to all. About time someone is taking notice of Andre's ability defending the perimeter. I was at Philips Arena on Tuesday night and saw firsthand what he was able to do to Joe Johnson (arguably a top 3 SG in the game). He frustrated Joe. The guy is a great defender. The man should make his first All-Defensive team this season. Out.

Andy in Cleve: Who will end up the better player, Manny Harris or Evan Turner?
Bill Ingram: Good question . . .Manny Harris has looked as good as Turner at times, and better at others. Considering Harris cost the Cavs nothing, as he was undrafted, and Turner cost the Sixers a #2 overall pick, Harris is looking like the better bargain.

Cain in New Zealand: How are the Sixers and Pacers getting the W's without having a superstar? Is this good for players like Young and George to learn from?
Bill Ingram: Elton Brand still has some game and Danny Granger is a solid player to build around. Brand, in particular, is a good role model and vocal leader. Granger is more the quiet type, but still a good guy. I wouldn't say that these teams are without superstars. Granger and Brand may not be Kobe, but there are only 5 or 6 players of that caliber in the entire league.

Matt in Houston, Tx: What is the ceiling of the sixers this year?
Mark Nugent: First round playoff exit at the hands of the Celtics, HEAT or Bulls. Which is pretty good considering few gave them a chance to even make the playoffs.

Jason in Philadelphia: Love the chats. What could the sixers get for Iggy? Is Battie or Hawes moveable as a lot of teams seem interest in bigs and that would give SPeights a chance.
Yannis Koutroupis: Personally I would hold onto Iggy, but if I did trade him I'd either want an All-Star in return or two really nice young players with multipe picks and cap relief, kind of like what every team looks for when they can't get an All-Star in return for their best player. Battie and Hawes are both movable with contracts that are in their last year. They won't bring back much in return, but they could be traded if Philly sees fit.

Bill in Washington, DC: Is there a trade out there for the Sixers to make to challenge the upper echelon teams of the East?
Mark Nugent: I don't think there is anything that can make the Sixers that much better. The descision they need to make is whether they keep Iguodala or ditch him for an expiring contract. Right now it looks like they keep him and ride out the Brand, Turner, AI, Holiday, and Thadeus Young team.

Bill in Villanova, PA: What do the Sixers need in order to get past the 1st round of the playoffs?
Mark Nugent: Not gonna happen, not this year.

John in Houston: Why would the sixers unload Iguadola?
Mark Nugent: The talk before the season started was that Turner and AI were too similar and one of them needed to go. It seems to be working now, so it's unlikely the 76ers will trade either player.

ESPN.com Chats

Briks (Philly) How much are the Sixers going to regret Turner over Cousins? Center is clearly their biggest weak spot and Turner (while I still think he will be a good pro) replicates a lot of the skills Iguadala gives them. If they had Cousins, I would be extremely excited about their future.
David Thorpe At the very least, Sixers and Minny have to be kicking themselves.

Lawrence (Toronto) Who is on the Mavs radar? Do you think they'll make a push for Iggy or Stephen Jackson?
Jeff Caplan Lawrence from Toronto, excellent. I do not believe that Stephen Jackson or Iguodala are on the Mavs' radar. They don't seem interested at all in taking back big salaries, which both of those players bring. Tayshaun Prince, who has an expiring deal, for example, is much more attractive.

Lou (South Jersey) Loved the trades article but wish the Sixers were in the discussion. Any rumors at all of them trying to trade Iggy and/or Brand?
John Hollinger Brand has trade value again because of how well he's played, but if you look around the league power forward isn't a "need" position for many teams. And they're still going to have to take back an onerous contract to make the money work.


ESPN.com - Marc Stein
17th (17th previously) How unglamorous is the group that Collins came back to coaching for? Philly was one of just three teams, alongside Charlotte and Cleveland, without a single player listed in the final results of All-Star fan balloting.

Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
16th (18th previously) Philadelphia is still within arm's reach of the Knicks for the sixth seed in the East. So far the Sixers have taken two of three from NY.

SI.com - Britt Robson
18th (16th previously) NBA.com's John Schumann had a good piece recently on the Sixers' effective small-ball lineup. While the emphasis was on Thaddeus Young at power forward (and he's a legitimate contender for Sixth Man Award runner-up behind Lamar Odom, the heavy favorite once he has enough bench appearances to qualify), Andre Iguodala is the catalyst for much of what has gone right in Philadelphia lately. Injuries made Iguodala one of the few players from the U.S.' gold-medal-winning World Championship team not to make a leap forward earlier this season, but now that he's relatively healthy, the numbers are rolling in during the Sixers' current 6-4 stretch: In those 10 games, the swingman is averaging 16.3 points on 54.2 percent shooting, 4.4 rebounds, 6.8 assists (juiced by his 16 dimes against the Knicks on Friday) and 2.2 blocks in 36.6 minutes. All while drawing the opponents' top wing scorer on defense.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
17th (17th previousliy) The Sixers would have put a real scare into the Knicks by taking both games of their weekend home-and-home, but their defense fell apart in the second half on Sunday. Maybe Doug Collins could have gone back to his dominant lineup that was a plus-six in 6 1/2 minutes in the second quarter.


A Tale of Two Games

Jrue Holiday - Lost in Space

Thaddeus Young - Happy with Less Minutes

Spencer Hawes having more fun with the Sixers

by GoSixers on Feb 13 2011
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