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Sixers Around the Web - Feb. 7th

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

Hoopsworld.com Chats

nate in new york: 76ers:Tayshaun Prince,Andray Blatche,Al Thornton,Yi Jianlian wizzards:Elton Brand,Andre Iguodala,Richard Hamilton pistons:Darius Songaila,Rashard Lewis what you think mr bill
Bill Ingram: The Sixers are saying they won't trade Iguodala . . .so this would be unlikely .

Jay in Philly: Bill, Iggy has been linked to Golden State and many other teams. What could GS give the Sixers? The young core of Holliday, Williams, Young, Turner are playing well. Is Iggy move-able or holding the crew together
Bill Ingram: Again, the Sixers are telling teams Iggy isn't available . . .and most teams aren't interested in the $44 million left on his contract, anyway. The right deal will always get some play, but right now GMs are being told the Sixers won't move Iggy . . .and we've heard that from half a dozen or more NBA GMs.

Jasn in Philadelphia: Coach - thoughts on the 76ers? Break it up and send Iggy away or keep him? Holliday, Turner, Young playing well with Brand.
Anthony Macri: Good question.  I think they can do an entire team re-assessment.  The only player there that is a lock to build around, in my opinion, is Jrue Holiday.  He has enough talent and potential to be a top 5 point guard within the next 3-4 years (and there are a lot of really good points in the league right now).  The rest can be jettisoned.  I think we will see a really interesting dynamic start to take hold of the league: which franchises build through the draft (a la OKC) and which ones make free agency their golden calf (i.e., Miami).  The 76ers are an interesting case study in quantum team-building theory.

Drake in : How is Iguadala a tripple double guy if he never hit a double tripple in one game...his shooting % is bad!
Luke Byrnes: Did I say he was?  Anyway, Iggy can score, pass and rebound, so he is a triple-double threat.  His game is that diverse.

Jeremy in Bay Roberts, NL: Who says no first, Bargnani to the clips for Kaman/DeAndre Jordan?? Thanks!
Eric Pincus: Jeremy, The Clippers are likely to keep Jordan on another contract.  Kaman may leave now or later but not for a guy like Bargnani.  Equally, he's the guy the Raptors are building around - they just need more pieces - a lot more pieces.
That's a non-starter.

Too Good to Be Jrue in Philadelphia, PA: How interested are the Clippers in Andre Iguodala? Bill Simmons tweeted that he would fit in nice with the Clippers.
Eric Pincus: Not as much as Carmelo or Danny Granger - but he's on their list of small forwards.

Frankie P in originally from Italy: Aside from Lamar and Lebron, who do you think are some of the top point-fowards right now?
Eric Pincus: You can argue that Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Boris Diaw and some Andrei Kirilenko fit into that category.  Manu Ginobili is really playing guard this year. 
I'd say Andre Iguodala is your guy.

Chris in Philly, PA: Should the Lakers stop talking big trades, and maybe go after Iguodala in Philly? Somehow move Artest and let Iguodala take his place.
Eric Pincus: You lost me on the "somehow" - given that it's a real chore to come up with almost any trade with Artest going out - and a real trick to get the Sixers to trade Iguodala.

Jason in Philly: Eric, what's up with the 76ers? They are playing harder for Collins, but aren't going to be an elite team. Is it time to trade Iggy to GS or IND or DAL or LAC? What can we expect back?
Eric Pincus: No, they're not an elite team but that takes years to happen.  Dealing one of your best players isn't always the solution but often a step back.

B-Eeez in : There are a lot of Iggy trade rumors, but what about Brand? Is he off the block or is there no interest?
Steve Kyler: Neither are on the block actually... everyone assumes the 76ers will trade Iguodala  because of his contract... which overlooks the fact that everyone is pretty happy with Andre and the 76ers are sitting on the 7th playoff seed in the East.
They are not going to tear that up unless they get better and anyone willing to take on Andre's deal isn't going to give back a lot of talent improvement... same with Elton Brand who is leading the team in scoring, rebounding and blocks.
They are more likely to trade guys like Maresse Speights or Evan Turner than they are Iguodala or Brand, those guys are getting it done more nights than not.

willie in : hi are the magic going to move jrich expiring and if they did how about jrich for iggy and speight philly gets cap relief orlando gets a backup big with upside and a perimeter defender that can get his own shot
Steve Kyler: No... Jason Richardson is the guy they wanted when they broke up the team in December... Iguodala is owed too much for Orlando... Otis is committed to $74 million next season without J Rich on the books.
If a hard cap is coming Orlando is gonna have to eat at least one contract if not two.... Iguodala won;t be in Orlando.

Chase in : Mo Williams for Gerald Wallace. Then Cavs use TPE to sign Iggy. Jamison, Wallace, and Iggy would be a nice combo.
Steve Kyler: Yeah.. not gonna happen... its more likely the Cavs sell off Williams and Jamison than try and build around them.

cj in oregon: j.smith and m.williams to phil for a.igoudala, a.nociones, c.brackins, and a 2nd round pick. then e.brand to ind for s.jones, d.jones, and t.ford.
Stephen Brotherston: cj, The likelihood of the Sixers parting with Iggy has been dropping fast as the team wins games.  76ers own 7th and going for 6th. 
They aren't breaking it up now after what they have been through to get here.  Maybe before the season started this deal could have had legs.

The Wonderer in wondering...: OK - with half the season behind us re-do this years draft - top 10 - not paying attention to teams/needs - simply proof was in the pudding.
Joel Brigham: I'm skipping Blake since he was technically drafted in '09. As for the rest, here goes:
1. John Wall
2. DeMarcus Cousins
3. Landry Fields
4. Paul George
5. Greg Monroe
6. Gary Neal
7. Wes Johnson
8. Ed Davis
9. Derrick Favors
10. Evan (editors note, no I didn't miss the copy and paste - brigham couldn't be bothered to use his last name after the numerous insults already)

Sean (Rockets love) in Reseda, California: Hey Lang I was just wondering if you think that the Rockets will make a push to deal before the deadline and I'm not just talking about Carl Landry maybe someone bigger if not Melo?
Lang Greene: Sean! From what I hear, the issue isn't that the Rockets front office don't want to deal ... they do ... but it takes two to tangle and it seems no other teams are interested in grinding on the dance floor with them.
They've tried to put packages together for Carmelo and Danny Granger ... Denver and Indy didn't bite. Houston would also be interested in Iguodala ... Philly says he's not on the market. The Rockets situation is like standing in the store with money in the pocket but nothing you want sitting on the shelves. Limbo.

Edwin in LA: Who is the best one-on-one wing defender against Lebron (or does the best against him)? Also, who would you say are some of the best wing defenders in the game right now?
Lang Greene: Edwin - Great question. LeBron is in that rarified air when he's capable of dropping 30-10-10 on anyone guarding him at anytime. Shane Battier is a strong defender. Ron Artest used to be great but is slipping a little. I always say the best defense against LeBron is making him work on offense. Other than that ... only thing guys can do is slow him down

Ben in Los Angeles, CA: Do you see the clippers doing any moves before the trade deadline?
Larry Coon: If a good deal presents itself. They'd love to get their hands on Melo, if he was willing to extend there. Other players they'd like include Iguodala, Granger and Batum. If a good deal presents itself, then they'll pursue it. If not, they're already pretty much out of the playoff race this year, with or without a trade, so they'll finish out the season on a high note, and continue to build & develop their young guys.
One player who's definitely available now is Kaman. DeAndre Jordan's development has made him expendable.

willandywalker in Memphis: What are your thoughts on AI9 being given more point type responsibilities? I've always thought he could be a very good point who could create mismatches on both ends and could be a defensive terror. Your thoughts?
Larry Coon: I wouldn't want to cut into Jrue Holliday's development. I agree that AI has the handles to be able to run at PG, but I'm not tsure they really gain a lot from that.

ESPN.com Chats

DES (Brooklyn) I watched the Denver Nuggets Live in Philadelphia last night and I got to the arena early just to see Carmelo Anthony and he looked disinterested from Warm-ups and all through out the game. Everyone in the arena can sense that he doesn?t care right now. Do you think Denver Nuggets management is throwing the season away by keep Melo on the roster because it seems like he doesn?t want be with that franchise Win, Loose or Draw and it looks like a detriment to the team as we speak?
Dave I certainly don't think the Nuggets are throwing the season. If they wanted to be in rebuilding mode they would have traded Melo already for 50 cents on the dollar and started prepping for the lottery. By keeping him in his disinterested state (which I'm not so sure is a fair way to describe him right now), the Nuggets are winning more games than they would without him if they just had a bunch of future draft picks coming their way.

VW (NYC) in limited minutes how did Anthony Randolph look?
Chris Sheridan The minutes were quite limited, but I did notice this: He is such a good ballhandler, and when he grabs a defensive rebound he is very adept at immediately turning upcourt and starting the break either with the dribble or the pass. I spoke to him before the game last night, and he is having a tough time coming to grips with being benched. Told me he misses playing basketball.

john (pittsburgh,pa) are speights and spencer hawes the most inconsistent pair ever
David Thorpe Not remotely.

Matt (Northeast) Jrue Holiday or Stephen Curry to build toward a championship?
David Thorpe Either. Depends on who your wings are.

Eggsy (The end of the bar) He started out with such promise, but what do you think the ceiling is for Thad Young now?
David Thorpe He's an underrated guy. I like him a lot.

Russell (Philly) You've always been a supporter of Jrue Holiday. What do you think of his recent play this season? He seems to have leveled out and is not making great strides in his progress.
David Thorpe It's very hard for players to "get better" week to week and month to month. They may be improving but their stats will bounce around. I still like what I see in him.

MB (PA) Thorpe, you'd really choose the 17 guys you listed in front of Evan Turner on your rookie rankings ahead of him for your team? Am I misunderstanding what your rankings mean?
David Thorpe The rankings are simply a scale measuring cumulative stats and recent play.

jay (philly) 2 question would it be better for the sixers to make the playoff for young turner holiday to get playoffs experience or to lose close games and get a qulity big in draft ex jujan johnson or morris brothers
David Thorpe I always prefer making the playoffs.

ellis (houston) Jeff, have you been paying attention to possible acquisitions at the deadline? Iguodala seems like an intriguing option and his shut down defense and athleticism could push our team to contending status.
Jeff Caplan Ellis, I will say this one more time, and really, I haven't had to say this this week: Forget about Iguodala.

Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia, PA) First career triple double at 20...Give me a few years and I'll be first on that list...as long as management can find me a Center who can dunk.
John Hollinger I'd be a little more enthusiastic if it wasn't the pathetic 11-10-10 variety of triple-double. I agree that The Jruth is one of the league's most promising young guards, but let's not cue up the Jason Kidd comparisons just yet.

wyatt (aurora, il) what about Andre Iguodala? can the Bulls swing a trade for him and keep Deng?
Nick Friedell No, Deng would almost certainly have to be in a deal for Iguodala.

Power Rankings

ESPN.Com - Marc Stein
17th (previously 20th) Can't tell you how often I've heard it from rival coaches/scouts: Collins has the Sixers, for all of their issues in close games (1-7 in games decided by three or less) and suspect shooting, playing as hard as anyone does.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
17th (previously 17th) If the Sixers were just .500 in close games (instead of 3-11), they would be 25-22 and tied for sixth in the East with the Knicks, who they happen to play twice this week. It also would have been nice if they didn't commit 13 turnovers and blow a 21-point lead over the last 15 minutes against Memphis on Friday.

CBSSports.com - Dave del Grande
16th (previously 16th) All-Star update: OK, he's no All-Star, but has Elton Brand's resurgence improved his stock to the point where he's no longer a throw-away in a 76ers deal? I say yes. Alas, as an All-Star, he's out

Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
18th (19th previously)With the Knicks slumping, the Sixers are starting to think six seed.

Sportsillustrated.com - Britt Robson
16th (17th previously) Behind forward Thaddeus Young and guard Lou Williams, the Sixers lead the NBA in bench scoring. The pair epitomizes coach Doug Collins' practice of blurring traditional positional roles. Williams and starter Jrue Holiday can switch off point guard and shooting guard assignments on the court together. At forward, Andre Iguodala can take the tougher cover, provided the power forward isn't too large -- his defense on Carmelo Anthony when Denver went small with 'Melo at the 4 is one recent example. This flexibility enables Collins to insert Young and Williams at times when their matchups are optimal. (According to Basketball Value, Young really thrives alongside Iguodala.) On the other hand, Collins' extensive use of strategic bench maneuvers -- Evan Turner and now Marreese Speights are also playing significant minutes -- might factor into Philadelphia's proclivity for blowing big, late-game leads. During the 16-minute period when the Sixers coughed up a 21-point second-half advantage against Memphis on Friday, Collins deployed 10 different lineups compared to the Grizzlies' five. Familiarity breeds composure on the court, and those are things the deep, youthful Sixers don't possess.

NBCSports.com - Kurt Helin
16th There is just no way this team trades Andre Iguodala as they fight for a playoff berth. The rumors will circulate but the Sixers are currently the seven seed and just one game up on the nine seed Bucks. They are not going to throw in the towel unless the offer is just too good to ignore.


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