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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 16

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


Scott in Santa Barbara, CA: The Clippers have won 7 out of 10 and are starting to play really well. I still feel they need a legit small forward. Is there one out there they can land through trad? Maybe Granger, Wallace, or Iguodala?
Bill Ingram: I don't think they can get any of those guys, no. The Sizers are saying they won't trade Iggy, and it's a longshot the Bobcats trade Wallace. Granger's not on the market. It's amazing what can happen when your point guard finally gets in shape. I think Aminu has great potential . . .if you bring in a ringer it sabotages his future.

Ben in Ireland: What's wrong with Evan Turner? Not a bust yet, but major disappointment. For just being basketball fit, for how long or how f ar would you advise a player to run daily? Thanks.
Anthony Macri: Honestly, and you can probably check various archives on this, but I was never a huge fan.  Not sure why that is - just never felt there was anything he did resoundingly well, and to be an all-around guy like Pippen or Hill, you have to be an absolute killer, and it doesn't seem in his nature.  I wouldn't say bust yet, because guys who can do a lot of things sometimes find their way over time (see: Odom, Lamar) but I also could see it never really materializing.  As for fitness for hoops, the answer may surprise you.  It's not the length or the duration, but rather the type of running, that matters.  Basketball is mostly a stop-and-go anaerobic sport.  However, distance running is aerobic exercise.  So while it will help to run longer, it won't mean you're in basketball shape.  I like doing intervals - periods of sprints followed by jogs and walks.  Vary it up.  That will help get your body used to the kind of activity a basketball game demands.

alex in dallas: is it me or the nuggets asking to much in return and to take ... cuz i think they are over doing it by adding al harrington now into the trade? i think nets should make a move towards iggy or g.wallace and forget about melo.. ur thoughts ?
Eric Pincus: The Nuggets should ask for every single thing they want.  They're the team with the asset.  They can always come down off that offer to get a deal done before the deadline.
Neither Iguodala nor Wallace are stars on par with Melo.  It's not entirely about basketball but star power

 mr76 in phila. pa: who's really interested in iggy? will he be here after the deadline?
Steve Kyler: Not going anywhere... you'll be a 76er at the deadline.

James in Newark, NJ: Just tried this on the trade machine and it worked. 3 team deal, PHI gets trade exemption, Diaw, and Carol. CHA gets Jamison and Mo williams. CLE gets Wallace and Iggy, thoughts?
Yannis Koutroupis: Pretty great deal for Cleveland, I think. Don't like it as much for Philadelphia. That's going to be where the hang up is. They don't want to trade Iguodala yet. They really like him and Diaw isn't the guy that is going to get them to trade him away.

ESPN.com Chats

John (Austin, TX) David, On a scale of 1-10 for Sixers point guards, where 1 = Royal Ivey, 5 = Andre Miller and 10 = Mo Cheeks, where do you see Jrue Holiday ending up?Thanks
David Thorpe A solid 8.

Anthony Kahn (Plano, TX) Is Stephen Jackson for sure available? Is he is the missing piece for this team to get back to the Championship? From what Ive heard and seen first hand over the years, he is a great passer, 3 pt shooter, scorer, and defender, not to mention hard-nosed a la Stackhouse/Van Exel/Stevenson...
Jeff Caplan Anthony, I really felt the Mavs should have moved on him last year. He's the 2-guard they've always wanted, big, aggressive, can shoot, can D-up. They just don't like his contract. It's a lot of money to take on, although not as much as Andre Iguodala, another favorite among you folks who write me all the time. The question is what does Charlotte want back. Do you give up Roddy and are you prepared to take on his contract. Cuban has said he'll take on salary if it means improving. So we'll see as things heat up into February.

Leroy (Dallas, TX) shouldnt the Mavs be desperately trying to trade Roddy now? his value is extremely high for some reason and he has barely played any ball. this team needs someone now- not in a year or two.
Jeff Caplan Leroy,The Mavs hope Roddy produces as soon as he plays, not in a year or two. Sure, they'll be takers out there for Roddy, but the Mavs desperately want to keep their younger players, especially ones with great potential such as Roddy. I just don't know if giving up on him before he's done anything is wise when you're talking about bringing in guys like Iguodala or Stephen Jackson, who I believe is now 32.

Monroe (Dallas) Hi Jeff, does the Mavs still need to pursue Iggy for CB's contract?
Jeff Caplan Monroe, it will take more than CB's contract, I would think. Even though they may be in tear-down mode -- again -- I can't see sending Iguodala out simply for an expiring contract.

jesus (utah) Where does CJ Miles rank on the sixth man of the year race?
John Hollinger He's worked himself into the "others receiving votes" portion of the ballot. Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry and Thaddeus Young would still be the top three, with Lamar Odom a potential addition if he keeps coming off the bench ... but Miles is pushing to get into that group.

Bradford (SLC) Saw your quick tweet on the Bobcats last night? Something more coming? What are your thoughts on the team under Paul Silas? 8 seed? They really should be 7-1 under Silas (that loss to the Warriors was ridiculous).
John Hollinger It's been mostly home games and mostly bad opponents, so I still don't totally trust it, but the nice thing about the East is that one doesn't need to play that well to compile the 38 or so wins necessary to make the playoffs. They'll need to keep taking care of business, however, because Bucks and Philly have better schedules.

Dan (Philly) Higher ceiling, Speights or Hawes? who should Collins be starting?
Ric Bucher Speights, without question. And I was, at one time, a Hawes guy.

Dan (Philly) Anything new on Iggy?
Ric Bucher The last I'd heard is that Philly is standing pat because they think they can make the playoffs, as is. In the East, that's not an unreasonable supposition.


The Warriors are interested in Tayshaun Prince and have been intrigued by Zach Randolph, two guys who might fit that description and could be available. Some league sources still believe Andre Iguodala - one of Curry's (Steph) favorites - could be made available, but many have soured on that scuttlebutt. link

Two names that are expected to be on the Mavs' radar if and when Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson decide they need to add a piece to make a championship push are Andre Iguodala and Stephen Jackson. Each would be a useful addition, but someone will have to convince Cuban that taking on such a financial commitment would all but guarantee a trip to the Finals. Iguodala, though a solid wing defender who would thrive on a team where he wouldn't have to be the primary scorer, is a long shot considering the $44 million he has left over the next three seasons. The Sixers thus far have found no takers for Iguodala, who could use a fresh start with a contender. link


ESPN.com - Marc Stein
18th (18th previously) Brand quietly has twice as many double-doubles (14) as he did last season. Another attempt to take Doug Collins' mind off that painful donation in Detroit: Philly has won 9 of 11 at home after going 12-29 in 2009-10.

NBA.com John Schuhmann
16th (17th previously) The Sixers' late-game struggles -- they're 1-8 in games decided by five points or less -- continued with Saturday's painful loss in Detroit. The good news is that they've won nine of their last 11 at home, where they play seven of their remaining 10 games in January.

Hoopsworld.com Eric Pincus
16th (17th previously) Philadelphia has hit the top eight in the East despite a spotty record. They still have room to climb with the Pacers struggling

Basketball Reference Schedule Adjusted oFfensive and Defensive ratings


Fanhouse.com - Brett Pllakoff (note - Fanhouse will change name to sportingnew.com soon)

17th (17th previously) Andre Iguodala has missed the last seven games with an Achilles' injury, but the Sixers have managed to stay afloat, winning three times in his absence. That could bode well for the team's long-term prospects, as Philly currently is sitting in the eighth and final playoff spot in the East, while Iguodala returned to practice this week and should make his way back very soon.

CBSSports.com - Dave Del Grande (some silly 'buy out' edition to explain comments)
17th (16th previously) Buyout buyers or sellers? Buyers. A candidate to be acquired: Nazr Mohammed. Doug Collins didn't move to the hot seat to build for the future. He wants to make a run at it right now.



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