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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 23

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

ESPN.com Chats

Dan (Philadelphia) Something I don't understand. If the Sixers were winning about the same without Iguodala and they could get a good young player and/or pick for him to add to the young talent they have assembled why wouldn't they? They won't win a championship in the near future but this team can grow and in a lot of ways Iggy is hindering the growth of other players (Meeks, Turner). Can you explain the Sixers thinking.
David Thorpe No, but I can suggest that the market for AI is not huge. Very expensive player for what he brings.

Frank (NY) Cuban is known as a guy who wants to win.. so why is it written that the mavs won't make a push for Andre Igulada because of his contract??
Jeff Caplan Frank, it's not written that the Mavs won't make a push. But, I think there is plenty of trepidation regarding the length and size of his contract, not to mention the biggest thing and that's is he really a good fit. He's not a good shooter, he's like 43 percent on the season. He's a slasher, which the Mavs need. Personally, I'm not a big fan of that deal. In the past Philly's wanted to include Elton Brand's huge deal as well, and that's not going to fly.

Kevin (Philadelphia, PA) Hi Chuck, I remember when you were on the radio station in Philly back in the day. Do you think the Mavs have any interest in acquiring Iguodala?
Chuck Cooperstein 19 years ago to be exact in Philly. No interest in Iguodala. Contract doesn't work, and frankly, he's not that good

Damon ((Mpls, MN)) With the word that O'brien has been letting Collison run more pick and roll and it paying dividends. Do you see them beating out PHI for the 8th seed? i don't...never been an O'brien fan. Should they consider a coaching change after the season with THAT MUCH TALENT?
John Hollinger Indy is 50-50 to get the 8 seed, and if you look a their defensive stats I think Obie is having a much more positive impact than you think. As far as all that "talent" you allege, I'm missing it. Indy has a lot of solid young players who can be important parts of a winning team two or three years down the road .... but they're missing the biggest part, the A-list All-Star for all the other guys to play off of. Rush, Hibbert, Collison, George, Hansbrough ... those are all great pieces. But they've gotta score a centerpiece star either in free agency or trade. And no, Danny Granger doesn't qualify.


Jesse in Toronto: Who do you think is going to get traded that NO one is talking about?
Steve Kyler: Good question... I think Cleveland is gonna blow up that squad, so pick a Cavalier... Minnesota is likely moving Corey Brewer, so thats a team to watch because Corey alone doesn't return much... Sacramento is trying to move Beno Udrih and Fransisco Garcia... Washington is trying to move Andray Blatche... Milwaukee would move Michael Redd and Corey Maggette... Clips have offered Baron Davis to a number of teams... Charlotte says they won't trade either Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace, but there is interest in both players... Indiana is trying to package Mike Dunleavy for a deal... Golden State has some big ending contracts and they want a real player... Philly says they are not going to trade Iguodala, but they have a ton of tradable guys like Marresse Speights...
I think Memphis would trade Zach Randolph if it returns enough talent to insure a playoff berth. Those are the top of my head scenarios to watch.

Darius F. in Atl, Ga: How's it going Eric the Clips been playing like the playoff team I thought they wuld b do u c them trading Kaman i wuld trade him for a SF either TPrince Iggy GWallace your thoughts.
Eric Pincus: The trick is that Kaman isn't fully healthy.  I'm not sure he'll be playing at or near full strength (or at all frankly) by the trade deadline.  That changes his value. Prince would be a nice acquisition.  He's the guy I said, before the end of last season, that I though the Clippers would ultimately end up with by this coming deadline. Iguodala is a heck of a player and would be a nice get, although I don't think he'll be available to LA.  Wallace is an idea as well

 Ed in Philly: What do the sixers have to do to become an elite team? Lots of great pieces, none of which seem to fit.

Anthony Macri: I think building around Jrue Holiday, a player I really like a lot, is a good start.  While they do have good pieces, I think they would be better in other situations, so I'd like to see what they could get in trades for those assets.  Then, the decision is simple: what kind of team do we want to build with Holiday at the 1?  Answer that and you know already what kinds of player they should target.

Tom in Ft. Worth Texas: Tell me that the Mavs have something up their sleeve. Iggy's not the scorer that they need so maybe Captain Jack? Is there anyone else that might be available, Jackson's kind of old, Devin Harris maybe
Bill Ingram: Stephen Jackson would be an amazing addition, but the Bobcats aren't about to let him go. We've also been told the Sixers are turning away teams calling about Iggy. There's no easy answer for the Mavs . . .their best hope is likely that Roddy Beaubois can finally come back and have an impact.

Scott in Santa Barbara, CA: Iguodala may be a bit overrated, but having his consistent game in the Clips lineup would be great wouldn't it? He also wouldn't have to be the top guy like he is in Philly.
Bill Ingram: It's possible . . .Griffin is the man and they have other good players, too. But is it worth costing Aminu playing time? I think they should play him more and see if he'll be as good as he looked early in the season.

T Wayne in The Nap: Would Andray Blatche or Mareese Speights be good big man targets for the Pacers. I like Blatche the most.
Larry Coon: I like Blatche the most too, but then again, so do the Wizards. I'm not sure what Indy gives them without disrupting their core.

Doris in White Bear Lake, MN: Larry, how much is it worth to an owner to make the playoffs? Ticket sales, concessions, parking, etc. I would think that would play into a salary-cutting decision for a team flirting with the 8th spot in the East, no?
Larry Coon: I was told that it's worth $500,000 to $3 million per home playoff game, depending on the round and the location. The same person noted that the Lakers can make more per home regular season game than Milwaukee could make in the playoffs. And yes, teams factor playoff revenue into their plans.

Jack Jones in Newark NJ: Do you think if the Clippers could trade for Prince or Andre Iguodala, would they upset someone in the first round?
Tommy Beer: Clippers would need to play .700 basketball the rest of the season just to have a shot at the playoffs.  So I don't think they'll advance to the postseason this year.  But they will make some noise going forward - no doubt about it. And as far as trades go - I think they may wait until the offseason to make a major move

jesse in long island: hey mr. beer...do u see jrue holiday elevating his game to maybe being a mini-rondo in a year or two...or wil it need an iggy trade for it to be his team?
Tommy Beer: I think his upside is significant - but I doubt he'll ever reach Rondo level.  Rondo is a freak - tough to imagine somebody matching his assist/steal totals...  But, yes, Jrue won't be the primary option in Philly as long as Iggy is around.

D in Toronto: Any chance the Raptors could get a guy like Igudala? He's only 26..He might be a nice sidekick to DeRozan and Bargs? What about Okafur? Is he available? He would look nice next to Bargs.
Stephen Brotherston: D, I don't believe Colangelo will be going all out for a second tier star with a big contract ahead of the new CBA this summer - it is just too uncertain as to what the new NBA will look like. But yes - Iguodala or Okafor would look great in a Raptors Uniform! 


Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
17th (16th previously) By playing .500 ball, the Sixers are nearing the seven seed but the Knicks are up by six games for the sixth seed.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
17th (16th previously) On Friday against the Bucks, the Sixers got just their second narrow victory of the season. That one ended with a big stop on the game's final play by Andre Iguodala, but overall, the Philly defense hasn't exactly returned to form with Iguodala back in the lineup.

SI.com - Britt Robson
19th (17th previously) The Sixers lack a clear-cut first-half MVP. Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand are the established, expensive veterans, but Iggy has been beset by myriad injuries and Brand, despite his solid bounce-back season, is no longer the consistent low-post force he was three and four years ago. That leaves 20-year-old point guard Jrue Holiday, a precocious playmaker who has embraced the mentorship of coach Doug Collins with staunch perimeter defense that exploits his rangy, 6-3 physique; and sixth man Thaddeus Young, a combo forward whose offensive versatility gives Collins plenty of flexibility in working for matchup advantages.

CBSSports.com - Dave Del Grande
18th (previously 17th) The good news: Narrow win over Bucks is second in a row over team 76ers could be challenging for final playoff spot in East.

ProbasketballTalk.com - Kurt Helin
17th While you weren't looking, Elton Brand returned to good. He is averaging 15 points per game on 51.8 percent shooting, and is grabbing 8.6 rebounds a game. He's not the force he was back with the Clippers, but he and Jrue Holiday have been the two best players on the team. Doug Collins has done a good job, but this team needs a roster shakeup.

ESPN.com - Marc Stein
18th (18th previously) If the Sixers end up missing out on the playoffs, they'll know exactly where to point for Culprit No. 1: Philly is 2-8 in games decided by five points or fewer. And Charlotte and Milwaukee still look capable of capitalizing.

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Thanks to GoSixers for his usual great work. I'll have a wrap from last night's game with charts late tonight. This should be more than enough to hold you over until then.
by Brian on Jan 23 2011
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