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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 30

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


Yousef (Philly) Hey Chris, I'm a Sixers fan and I was wondering whether you think a Granger-Iguodala trade could be possible before the trade deadline? They both have similar contracts and could be benefited by a change of scenery. Granger is a better scorer and could fit better next to Jrue and ET. Iguodala is unhappy in Philly and could be a better playmaker, defender, dunker and perhaps a better fit than Granger was in Indiana. What do you think?
Chris Sheridan Not the craziest thing I've ever heard. Pacers might need a little extra back in that trade.

Corey (Philly) I know the sixers are playing well but watching the games, it seems like it due to the resurgence of Brand, the emergence of Holiday and the bench. Iguodala needs to go... chances this happens?
Chad Ford If the Sixers can make the right deal, I think it happens. But I don't think the right deal has come along. They are winning now, so they aren't desperate. I also think Thaddeus Young could be available. He's a restricted free agent this summer and I think the Sixers feel they can't afford to pay him. Evan Turner is another possibility to be moved ... again if they get the right deal.

Justin (Philly) Ric what are you hearing about Andre Iguodala's trade value and the 6ers willingness to pull the trigger on a deal?
Ric Bucher I reported this a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heard anything to the contrary: Sixers think they can make the playoffs and rightfully so. For that reason, they took Andre off the market and I don't see them making any major moves.


McNulty in Norway: How about Dallas trades butler, chandler and beaubois for iggy, brand and battie and jodie meeks? This will save philly a lot of money (almost 100 million dollars) and make dallas a dangerous contender. Your thougts?
Bill Ingram: Ummm . . .how does that make Dallas more dangerous? The Sixers are turning away offers for Iggy, but even so, your proposal takes away the Mavs' starting center and replaces him with a starting power forward....which they don't need.

Will in Philly: Monta Ellis & BWright to MEM, Randolph & Thabeet to Philly, Iggy and Speights to GSW. Does this trade make sense for all parties?
Stephen Brotherston: Will, Philly has a legit shot at the playoffs as constructed - but they wouldn't after this move.  Not a good deal for the 76ers.
Memphis has OJ Mayo already.

Jay in PA: Sorry about the game last night...76ers are getting better and better...do you see them changing things up or moving on with the pieces in place?
Stephen Brotherston: Jay, 76ers have had lots of chances to blow this thing up and decided to go with what they got.  No reason to change direction now that wasn't equally true in the off season.

Martyn in Philly, PA: Is Rod Thorn serious about not moving Igoudala or a smokescreen?...Iggy & Speights could fetch a solid deal...also should they move Jason Kapono & Darius Songalia's expiring contracts or sit on them for relief?...
Joel Brigham: I dont know if it's worth it for them to move Iggy at this point. Yes, in theory, he returns a nice piece, but everything I've heard is that teams have been tryin to get 60 cents on the dollar for Iguodala all season long. If they're not going to get superstar quality offers for the guy, then they aren't going to move him. That's probably where Thorn's comments come from, and if I was in his shoes,I'd be saying the same thing. If a hot deal comes along that makes moving him worthwhile, that'll change very quickly.  In the meantime, there's no reason for him not to say those things, right?

Tim in Philly: In regards 2 Iggy, Thorn is making no sense and not looking ahead. Esecially with a new cba having a guy making franchise player money who can't come close 2 filling those shoes. Let alone 2 of those guys on the roster.
Joel Brigham: Elton Brand is the guy who really needs to be moved. I think even if you're rebuilding, Iggy is enough to keep around. Brand is the guy who doesn't fit this team at all  But because he's older and his deal is so daunting, he's probably not going anywhere. At least there's a market for Iguodala

brandon in niagara falls, new york: evan turner for corey brewer and nikola pekovic. Minnasota needs a playmaker on the perimeter. Him and flynn would compliment eachother. Phili gets a young center and very good defender and a player who spreads the floor for brand and A.I
Lang Greene: Brandon: Submitting the same question 45 times does not guarantee or increase the chances I'll answer it ... probably works the opposite. But here goes ... Absolutely no way Philadelphia says YES to this deal. Philly is banking a lot on Turner's development and as the No. 2 overall pick from this past draft it's waaaay to early to give up on him. Plus, not to throw mud on Corey Brewer, but he doesn't help a club spread the floor and make opponents respect the perimeter. He is not an efficient three-point shooter. The Sixers would become even worse from outside. This move would be all wrong for Philly. I mean what if Turner becomes a stud ... you would've traded him for a project big man and 7-8th guy in the rotation ... we basically already know what Brewer is as a player right now. Solid defensive guy.

Jay in : Yannis, what do you do with Iggy? Seems like teams are calling about him and while the team is playing well, they are not going to be an elite team. Does moving him open more minutes for Young and Turner? Mediocrity is the worst..
Yannis Koutroupis: Mediocrity is the worst, but that's exactly what is around Iguodala. There are some nice young players around him but they're not where they need to be yet in order for Philly to truly contend. My viewpoint on Iggy is that he's going to be a good player in this league for a very long time and every day that passes makes his large contract's value less. So, there's going to be a market for his services for quite some time. There's no reason for Philly to rush to move him because they don't have the right pieces around him right now. They should stay patient, continue to bank on their young player's development and work on getting another All-Star level talent next to him.

Ed in Philly: In your opinion, which team(s) in the east that will make up seeds 5-8, aside from the knicks, have the best chance to upset?
Alex Kennedy: Orlando, New York, and Philadelphia round out the East as of right now, but I see that changing. I think we'll see the Magic climb to fourth in the standings over Atlanta and I think we also see Milwaukee surge in the second half of the season. By the time the playoffs come around, I think we'll see Atlanta, New York, Milwaukee, and Charlotte in seeds 5-8. All of those teams are capable of upsetting a higher seed and like I said, these playoffs are going to be great.


ESPN.com - Marc Stein
20th (18th previously) More crunch-time pain: Philly's losses to Orlando and Charlotte marked the first time since January 1998 that the Sixers lost games on consecutive days after leading in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter in both.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
17th (17th previously) The Sixers have finally turned the defense back up, holding three of last week's four opponents under a point per possession. But of course, they dropped two of their three close games. Since missing all seven shots he took in his first game back from injury, Andre Iguodala has shot 31-for-52.

SI.com - Britt Robson
16th (19th previously) Rookie Evan Turner is slowly starting to figure it out. After his disappointing start, the book on the No. 2 pick was that he needed the ball in his hands, like in college, to be successful. That's problematic because his handle isn't sure enough to direct an NBA offense. But over the last two months, Turner has posted a respectable 2-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio, and even when the turnovers occur, they're more a product of misjudgment than confusion, a small but crucial distinction -- he's not lost, just inexperienced. His shot selection, especially when deciding to shoot the three-pointer, has likewise improved. With a plethora of wing players and a jelling player rotation that is keeping Turner in the 20-to-25-minute range, Philadelphia can afford to be patient with him.

Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
19th (prevoiusly 17th) If Philadelphia is a playoff team in the East, even a mediocre one, does that make it less likely that they'll trade Andre Iguodala?


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(When I agree with barkley I tend to re-examine my ideas)

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