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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 9

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

ESPN.com Chats

Kevin (Cochin, India) Just heard about Caron's injury in India... Top 3 players the Mavs should try to trade for?
Jeff Caplan Kevin, thanks for hanging with us from India...Mavs have options. They can try to swing a deal for a swingman like Andre Igoudala, who has a big price tag or as I mentioned earlier, let Marion handle the 3 with DeShawn Stevenson an go after a guy like Carl Landry from the Kings, who can put the ball in the hole and is a great blue-collar worker. Then there's a guy like Corey Maggette in Milwaukee, but I don't think the size and length of his deal merits the cost.

Aaron (WI) The Mavs HAVE to trade Butler's contract now right? Iggy? Wallace? Heck, I'd even take Maggette over Butler on the sideline...
Jeff Caplan They don't have to do it right now, but the sooner they get someone else in here the better off one would think for team chemistry. Iggy? It is an option. The 76ers would like to dump his salary and Butler would be a salary dump for them. they might even be inclined to do a deal that doesn't include Brand's awful deal. Gerald Wallace has three years, including this one at just under $30 mil. I suppose anyone in Cha could be traded, but that guy's been the heart and soul of the franchise.

Lyndon (Dallas) Do you think the mavs can acquire a big name star such as Andre Iguodala or maybe even A Carmelo Anthony?
Jeff Caplan I don't think Butler's injury helped the chances of getting Carmelo, although I have had that a very low percentage of possibilities anyway. Iggy is something we'll just have to watch. It is a possibility.

VW (NYC) Anything brewing on the Iguodala trade front?
Chad Ford Not that I'm hearing. Sixers are playing a bit better. But still think there's a good chance he's gone in February. The Mavs are going to be one of those teams in the hunt now that Caron Butler is down for the season.

Dan (DC) So Grunfeld gives an extension to Jamison and trades him that season. Gives an extension to Gilbert and trades him as soon as he can. And now gives an extension to Blatche and is looking to move him. He's lost it, right?
Chad Ford It's looking that way. But he's not alone. I think it's one of the big reasons the NBA owners are going to be fighting so hard for a new CBA. A number of GMs and owners in the league are no match for the highly skilled agents they are negotiating against. They make so many non-sensical decisions with contracts that they immediately regret. Either NBA owners starting hiring GMs with more management, negotiation and problem solving skills or they the new CBA become basically idiot proof. Stern is opting for the latter I believe.

Dan (Plano) I don't get why it is written that that the best trade that mavs can make is for Landry and Casspi?? Personaly. I think we don׳t more depth, we need a good scorer that we play well in playoff time.. Igulala??? Mayo??? Gay?? Granger?? Martin ? Jakcson??
Chuck Cooperstein Exactly what playoff experience do Granger, ?ayo, and Gay have? Any of those players cost you assets that the mavs, right now are not willing to part with. AND, they love the chemistry of their team. Not big on Casspi, but I do like Landry a lot, and do think he would bring a toughness factor that you're losing not having Caron. he also presents a low post option that would be nice for the Mavericks to have,

David (Dallas) If Philadelphia agree to trading Igoudoula straight up for Butler just so they can rid of remaining 4 years, would Igoudoula fit in Dallas?
Chuck Cooperstein But Philly won't do that, so why ask? But yes, Iguodala fits, although I don't believe he's as micyb of a Godsend as a lot of people think. Poor outside shooter, bad three point shooter, Don't think he helps space the floor the way Butler could. The defensive ability overcomes a lot of those issues

Jeff (NY) Ric, Why wouldn't an east team like Philly try to trade for Carmelo? They need a star, and even if he doesn't resign, they would have cap space, right?
Ric Bucher At one point Denver was ready to consider Iguodala for Melo. They're not at that place anymore. But for Philly it's a lousy deal if he's not re-signing. They'd have cap space and little else. As a fan do you reeeeeally want that?

tyler (harris) which coach, do you think, will be the first to "spend more time with the family"?
Ric Bucher Paul Westphal, I'm told, would already be gone if, A) they had someone on the bench who could take over and B) they hadn't guaranteed his salary for next year already. I still wonder if Collins, physically, makes it to the end of the season.



a2khawaii in honolulu, hi: With Evan Turner playing better, is it almost 100% guaranteed that Iguodala will be traded and who do you see as the 2 most likely destinations for him?
Bill Ingram: That's what we assumed for the longest time - Cleveland or Toronto for the trade exceptions . . .but the Sixers are playing better and telling teams Iggy is off the market. I guess we'll see if they stick to that past the trade deadline.

Chad in T.O: Do you believe Toronto will be making any trades at the deadline? will they trade Peja ? use there trade exemption?
Bill Ingram: I'm convinced they'll use their TPE, yes, but I don't think they move Peja. They talked to the Sixers about Iggy for the TPE, but right now the Sixers are saying Iggy stays.

Kurtis in Tokyo: What would it take for Utah to get Iggy or Gerald Wallace?
Bill Ingram: Good morning, Tokyo! I don't believe the Jazz can get either one of them, frankly. The Cats would move Wallace for Carmelo, but that's about the only way he leaves Charlotte. Iggy is not on the market at the moment. The Sixers are improving daily . . .

Mark Cuban in Dallas, TX: Should I now put my trade chips on the line and talk to Charlotte about Gerald Wallace since Caron is likely done for the year? Iggy in Philly?
Bill Ingram: The Mavs don't have what the Bobcats or Sixers would want. Not sure you get Iggy anyway, and the Bobcats were unlikely to move Wallace before. . . now they'll wait and see how things go with Silas for the next few weeks before making rash decisions.

Dave Sholler in Las Vegas, NV: LUKE! Here's the question all Sixers fans are pondering...is Philly better off without Iguodala? If so, where do you move him and what do you get in return?
Luke Byrnes: Dave Sholler is in the house!  Philly is definitely NOT better without Iggy.  Are you serious?  Philly is better off without Elton Brand's albatross of a contract.  I'm pretty sure the Sixers envisioned more than 15 points and nine rebounds per game when they gave Brand $20M per...  Hold on to Iggy and hope Isiah finds his way back to the NBA and takes Brand's deal off your hands.

harrison barnes in north carolina: do you think my slow start to the college season will make some team hesitant about drafting me in the top 5
Steve Kyler: Yes and No... I think Barnes' slow start combined with Evan Turner's slow start has some teams looking at him differently... but here is the trap, NBA teams are looking for talent to fit their system, and how much of Barnes' struggles were about adjusting to the college game.

I think his spot as the top guy is in real question, but how a guy does in college is rarely a reflection on how he'll play at this level - so teams are trying to detrmeine how he'll play in their system, with their coach and their players... his stuggles weigh in that but more its about "why did he struggle" versus "he struggled"  A team that understands the why, can determine if its a flaw in his game or if its something they can adjust when they get him.

azeric in jackson, mi: Happy New Year Steve! I would love to see Iggy on MIL do u think if the Bucks agreed to take Brand back they could get him? He would be a great addition to that team
Steve Kyler: Highly unlikely... Philly is in a different place than they were this summer... Iggy is playing well and Doug Collins is very happy with both him and Brand.  So while it might fit for Milwaukee... they don;t have the assets and Philly does not have the desire.

Jesse in Toronto: Do you think it is better to be a bad YOUNG team(Sac/TDot/NJ) or a bad ASSEMBLED team(Philly/Clips/Det?)
Steve Kyler: Never good to be a bad team... but a bad Young Team will get better as they learn to play...

Mike in Muskoka, ON: What kind of trade, position player(s) does BC need to pull off to improve this team? Iguadola? Other?
Stephen Brotherston: Mike, If you want to win now - the team needs at least 2 good veterans - Iggy would be a good place to start.  But I wouldn't be giving up the future to win this season.  I'm sure the Raps could get Rip & Prince out of Detroit and be better - but worse next year.

James in Newark, NJ: How about Iggy and brand for Broy, Oden, and Rudy Fernandez. Who says no?
Stephen Brotherston: James, The 76ers have been going through the nightmare of signing a big deal with an injured player and are 1/2 way out of it - I don't believe they would risk starting the process over again.

mr76 in phila. pa: where can iggy be dealt to and who?
Yannis Koutroupis: We've heard he isn't going anywhere this season.



Marc Stein - ESPN.com
18th (previously 17th) Even without Iguodala, Philly can finish 4-4 on that monster eight-game trip if it can steal a win Monday night in New Orleans ... against the same Hornets who scored 23 points in the first half at Philly on Dec. 12.

BBR Rankings - Schedule Adjusted Offensive and Defensive Ratings

Sports Illustrated - Britt Robson
18th (20th previously) It is a pivotal point of the season for the Sixers, who finished 3-5 on a 17-day road trip and play five of their next six at home (where they are 8-6), with only the Bulls among those opponents sporting a winning record. They'll also be without Andre Iguodala -- who has been sidelined with Achilles tendinitis since Dec. 27 -- for a little while longer, but veteran Andres Nocioni has filled in admirably, enabling matchup nightmare Thaddeus Young and rookie Evan Turner to come in off the bench. Early-season spark plug Jodie Meeks is slumping now that teams are better prepared for his catch-and-shoot game.

CBSSports.com - Dave Del Grande
16th (previously 20th) Reason for optimism in 2011: If Evan Turner starts playing like the second pick in the draft, the 76ers won't have to worry about picking No. 2 again anytime soon

FOX Sports
22nd It hasn't been a totally smooth transition for rookie Evan Turner, but he scored 23 last week as Philly blew out Phoenix and has played well enough to allow the Sixers to keep shopping Andre Iguodala. Turner isn't the only Sixer who's been inconsistent, but the team has responded to Doug Collins, plays a fun brand of basketball and is also getting nice production from Elton Brand.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
17th (no change) Missing Andre Iguodala, who's out at least another four games, the Sixers had to beat the Suns with offense, including Evan Turner's career-high 23 points. They almost had enough to knock off the Lakers, too. Their stretch of eight straight road games concludes Monday in New Orleans.

Hoopsworld.com - Eric Pincus
17th (16th previously) The Sixers are both a borderline playoff team and a franchise that's seven games below .500. Their best player and/or trade chip, Andre Iguodala, is having trouble staying healthy.


That's not intended to pick on Turner, but as one scout said, it shows that sometimes guys are drafted based on little more than Internet-generated hype. "Anyone who saw (Turner) play in college had to know he wouldn't really have a position in the NBA," the scout said. "He's not a great shooter, not a very good ball-handler, and he doesn't really create anything for anyone else." Then the scout paused and offered the following jab: "There are a lot of NBA draft websites run by pimply faced kids who think they know basketball, and too many teams are basing their drafts around them. Otherwise, Turner never would've been drafted so high."FOXSportsOhio

Maybe they rekindle the talks they had with the 76ers a year ago about Andre Iguodala. They'll probably make a call to Houston to ask about Kevin Martin, although Rockets general manager Daryl Morey might hang up in a hurry. There will be plenty of other names that pop up -- some realistic, others ridiculous -- in connection with the Mavs in the weeks to come. It doesn't help that one of the Mavs' best trade chips happens to be Butler, and he's not nearly as valuable as he was a week ago. Now, he's just a $10.6 million expiring contract, not a 15-point-per-game scorer a team can plug into its starting lineup the rest of the season. ESPN.com

The Mavs have engaged in-house discussions regarding Andre Iguodala as a replacement for the injured Caron Butler, sources tell DallasBasketball.com, but are grappling with the Usual Suspects of obstacles and two more wildcards: Caron's value halved, and the coming labor dispute. Scout.com


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