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Sixers Around the Web - Mar. 20th

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

ESPN Chats

Corwyn Canedy (New London, CT) Which team in the bottom of the eastern conference playoff race would give the celtics the biggest problems?
Chris Forsberg The 76ers have played three very, very competitive games; the Knicks took the Celtics to the wire before they had Carmelo; and Milwaukee isn't exactly the pushover that showed last night. I think the Celtics preferred postseason first-round opponent ranking system would be: Indiana-Milwaukee-Philadelphia-New York (maybe flip-flopping those last two).

Eli (Orlando) True or False. DPOY is Dwight's until the voters get bored of giving it to him.
John Hollinger I think so, but we also have some young defenders who could challenge him in coming seasons, particularly the two centers in Chicago. Everyone talks about Noah, but I think Asik might be even better. He won't win DPOY playing ten minutes a game in Chicago, obviously, but if he's traded he could. Also, Memphis's Tony Allen would be a very strong candidate if Hollins had been playing him from Game 1.

Jordan (Los Angeles, CA) On the top of your head, if college players were required to stay in college for the full 4 years, which school do you think would win the tournament this year? Has to be UCLA right? Kevin Love, Jrue Holiday, Russell Westbrook...
Ric Bucher Should, but I find it fascinating that so many UCLA players were much better pros than they ever displayed in college. It's one of the things about the college game that, for those who say it's "better" and "more fundamental" and "has tougher defense" -- all of which is hogwash -- suggests the collegiate game is either over- or under-coached.

Hoopsworld.com Chats

James in Jersey: What do you think of the 2012 Sixers? Trade Holiday and Brand for an PG with a jump shot(Curry). And try to pick up a center to back up Hawes (kaman). Would that make us contenders in the east?
Steve Kyler: Too much unknown to focus on next year... the 76ers are playoff team today... don't mess with that... especially not by trading your two best players.

James in Jersey: I asked Kyle earlier if the 2012 Sixers should trade Brand and Holiday for Steph Curry and try to turn and get Kaman. He said that Holiday and Brand were our best players worry about this year, i disagree and u?
Mark Nugent: I think the 76ers are a playoff team this year and have played far better than most predicted. If Evan Turner develops like most thought he would during the draft, the 76ers could be a real good team moving forward. Plus Holiday is a true point, whereas Curry is more of a combo guard who's numbers are inflated at least a little bit by playing in GS. I wouldn't trade Brand and Holiday just yet, I'd give this team another year to see how good they can be.

Vic in Los Angeles: What players do the clippers give up for AI from philly? Do you think EJ or Kaman is expendable?
Mark Nugent: I have no idea who EJ is? As for getting Iguodala from Philly, it is unlikely at this time the 76ers will be interested in trading him. AI is a big reason why they are going to make the playoffs and give whoever they play a tough out in the first round.

James in Jersey: Good thought on the Sixers. But why i would trade Holiday because Turner and Iggy are both ball handlers so i feel they need a spot up shooter more than a true point, thoughts?
Mark Nugent: That is a valid point and I would trade Holiday straight up for Curry, but I wouldn't include a player like Brand even with his contract. Keep in mind Iggy and Turner aren't table setters. Neither player really makes life easier for guys around them, that's the PG's job and something I believe Holiday does and will do even better in the next few years. If Turner and AI had to be constantly setting up Brand or Young their games would suffer. This way they take what is there and can differ to Holiday to get everyone involved.

James in Jersey: Well maybe im looking at this wrong. Maybe we need to trade Iggy or turner for a shooter? How about Granger and dunleavy for Iggy and Sweet lou? I dont know how it works financially but i love it lol.
Mark Nugent: Granger isn't going anywhere, the Pacers want to build around him. I really believe any move the 76ers should make should be a minor tweak. I think the way this team has played this year they deserve at least one more season together to see how good they can be.


ESPN.com - Marc Stein
13th (14th previousliy) Even the most hardened Philly fan might forgive the Milwaukee debacle when they read this: Only Chicago has a better record in the East since Feb. 1, at 14-4, than the Sixers' 13-6 record in that span

Sportingnews.com - Sean Deveney
13th (15th previously) The Doug Collins Coach of the Year train is gaining some steam. There's little question he will finish in the top three.

NBA.com - John Schuhmann
11th (11th previously) The Sixers' offense struggled (41 percent shooting) in their last three games, but they picked up a big win against the Celtics on Friday with defense. Wednesday's collapse against the Thunder is another one they'll remember if they remain a game behind the Knicks for sixth.

Foxsports.com - Zac Jackson
15th (no change) Followed up a very big win over Boston by laying an unexplainable stinker in Milwaukee and then blowing a late lead and losing in overtime at Utah. Playoff spot is basically clinched, but maturation process continues with three more important games on West Coast this week. They previously hadn't lost consecutive games since Jan. 19-20.

SI.com - Britt Robson
12th (11th previously) The Sixers continue to lose heartbreakers, the latest being Monday's defeat at Utah in which they rallied from a 21-point deficit before falling in overtime. They are most effective when they go small, with a front line of 6-9 Elton Brand, 6-8 Thaddeus Young and 6-6 Andre Iguodala, but that invites opposing big men like Utah's Al Jefferson to bring the beef in the form of 30 points, 17 rebounds and a career-high six assists. But 7-footer Spencer Hawes hasn't demonstrated he can defend low-post scorers, and coach Doug Collins lacks the confidence to go with 6-11 Marreese Speights. Bottom line: Philly would have been much better off hanging on to veteran shot-blocker Samuel Dalembert rather than dealing him to Sacramento last summer for Hawes and fading veteran Andres Nocioni.

CBSPORTS.COM - Dave Del Grande
14th (14th previously) Trip to Milwaukee, Utah, Los Angeles (Clippers), Sacramento, Portland sounded encouraging, but 0-2 start indicates otherwise.

BR.com - Schedule Adjusted (14th previously 13th)


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by GoSixers on Mar 20 2011
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