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Sixers Around the Web: April 17, 2011

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


Matt (TN) When does the voting for DPOY go down? Any Chance my man Tony Allen can make Dwight Howard sweat it out?
Chris Sheridan All votes are due at the NBA office by noon Thursday. Tony Allen was my preseason pick to win the award, but I have him second on my ballot right now behind Dwight Howard because Dwight impacts so many more possessions defensively.

Vinnie (ATL) What do you think the vitriol will be like at Heat playoff games away from home? I can't wait to see what the atmosphere is going to be like at these games. All good mannered vitriol that is.
Chris Sheridan I don't think it will be much of a factor at all. They have grown accustomed to it. What WILL be a factor if there is a Knicks-Miami series is the amount of vocal support the Knicks will get in the Heat's building. It was that way in the late 90s when the teams played four consecutive years, and it has the potential to be unsettling for the Heat. And having been with the Knicks nearly every day since the Melo deal went down, I can see how much both Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire feed off the support the Knicks have been getting on the road. Anthony was even gabbing with a bunch of fans in Knicks gear in the third row in Indianapolis last night as he was draining six 3-pointers. He is playing with an astounding level of confidence. (Sigh, chris busting out the crowd noise meme)

Sunil (NYC) There is alot of debate in NYC over who would be a better matchup for the Knicks. Heat or C's.Let me turn that question around for Miamians. Who would you rather face? Sixers or Knickers ?
Brian Windhorst The Heat are 3-0 against Philly this season and the Sixer who has given them the most trouble (other than Jodie Meeks, who the Heat seem unable can really shoot if left open) is Lou Williams, who may not be able to play. So if the Heat had a preference, it would be the 76ers, who right now are the No. 7 seed. The Knicks beat the Heat in the last two meetings. Though I'd consider the Heat significant favorites against either, I think there's a chance of a Knicks-Heat series going deeper and getting more interesting. Wednesday night will be very interesting. There is a chance the Celtics will be able to choose their opponent by winning or tanking against the Knicks. That should be an interesting one to watch.

Marques (Utica, NY ) Can we give up on Wesley Johnson and Evan Turner or is there still hope for either?
David Thorpe There is hope for both.

Billy in Houston, TX: what playoff matchup are you most eager to see or which do you think will be the best? My money goes with Mavs/Blazers in the west and Magic/Hawks in the east
Bill Ingram: I was actually thinking OKC/Denver would be the best first round match-up, but now that the Lakers are struggling and Dallas dropped so many games things have tightened up. OKC could finish in the second seed, so the first round in the West is very much up in the air. I do think Portland can take Dallas . . .always ripe for an upset. In the East I think New York/Miami or Philly/Miami will be really interesting . . .the Magic won't make it to the NBA Finals, but they'll road kill the Hawks . . .

Matt in Katy, Texas: How good is Jrue Holiday going to be. Is he the cornerstone for Philly?
Luke Byrnes: I don't see Holiday as a franchise player. He is a really good, young player with a chance to be an all-star. If he is your best player, don't count on winning a title. Good team? Heck yeah. Championship team? Probably not.

Attias (Montreal) Chad Ford, do you think the HEAT can win it all this year? I think they've gotten hot at the right time and will continue to get even hotter as the playoffs continue. I think they will plow through Philly and Boston and then beat Chicago in a tough series. Your thoughts?
Chad Ford I like the Heat. They have players who can dominate in big games. They seem to be coming together well. I for sure think they'll handle Philly. Boston also looked pretty vulnerable against them now. Bulls and Heat would be a VERY tough series. So yeah, they could win the East and they could win it all. But I still wonder about them playing team ball.

Greg (Indianapolis) Chad, tell the nation the Pacers can hang with the Bulls and push the series to six or seven!
Chad Ford Might be a stretch. Pacers have a super bright future. Lots of talented young players. A ton of cap flexibility. No bad contracts. A terrific front office. But ... they aren't ready to hang with the Bulls. I think Bulls in 5.

Ben (Concord) Perry Jones?. right now does it look like the worst decision to return to school in draft history?
Chad Ford To early to tell. He'd be a Top 5 pick this year. But he's not ready. Of all the guys going early, he's the least ready of the group. So he could really improve with another year in school. But if he doesn't dominate next year (and there are reasons to believe he won't with Quincy Miller coming in and the team still shaky at the point) he could really slide. Big risk, yes. But we won't know for a while if it's a bad decision.

BSB (Philly) Why is no one talking about the breakout season by Thad Young? Shouldn't he be the MIP? Did he also just played himself out of Philly.
John Hollinger The Sixers will keep Young; they'd trade Iguodala before they let Young walk, if they're smart. He should be a factor in MIP, but what amazes me more is how ignored he's been in Sixth Man voting. I've seen a lot of ballots list Glen Davis and not Young, and I just don't get that.

TomD (Philly) What would be a successful post-season for my beloved Sixers? If they win 2 games against the Heat? I think that would help get the Wells Fargo Center rocking once more.
John Hollinger Win Game 3 at home. Anything more than that is gravy.

Keeweekid in Colorado: Any 5-8 seed that you see that has the potential to get to 2nd round or even conference finals?
Yannis Koutroupis: I'm giving the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers all a chance to advance. I've said from the moment the Carmelo trade went downt that I thought NY now had the potential to beat anyone in the league in a seven-game series, something they couldn't do before. The Nuggets have a major chip on their shoulder while the Oklahoma City Thunder are everyone's favorites in the Western Conference right now. They're getting all kinds of love and I can't help but wonder if they think their spot deep in the playoffs is already secure. Don't look past George Karl and that deep Nuggets team. And the Blazers are a tough, gritty team that I think is going to go right up to the Mavericks and punch them in the mouth. They're not going to back down. They're going to battle and fight hard. Wouldn't surprise me at all to seem the complete what would be a small upset.


NBCSports.com - Kurt Heilin
14th (previously 13th) The Sixers really miss, and really need back, Lou Williams. And they need Elton Brand and Iggy healthy. With all those things they can push the Heat a little. (They can get the six seed from the Knicks if NY loses its last two and Philly wins out.)

ESPN.com - Marc Stein
14th (previously 15th) In addition to the Collins factor, credit generally good health for putting Philly on the brink of its first winning season since 2004-05. The flip side: Going 2-8 in OT games didn't make Doug's job any easier.

CBSSPORTS.COM - Dave Del Grande
15th (previously 15th) Season's biggest surprise: Elton Brand. Not long ago, the 76ers gladly would have paid the freight for the team willing to take him off their hands. Not anymore.


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