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Sixers Around the Web: April 3, 2011

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Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


Placido Domingo in NJ: Looking back at last years draft, if it was held today, who would top five picks be?
Anthony Macri: Off the top of my head, it would be: 1.) Wall
2.) Cousins
3.) Monroe
4.) Favors
5.) Davis

and I would have Fields as a potential guy who could go fourth or fifth depending on team needs. I am also open to moving Monroe ahead of Cousins depending on if I have a coach that can handle what Cousins brings to the table.

poop in f: how good can deandre jordan be? tyson chandler good?
Anthony Macri: I think Tyson Chandler is a pretty good comparison. I tend to think he has a little bit of young Stoudemire in him than Chandler, both for good and for bad. Maybe some combination of Chandler and Stoudemire, but the poor man's version. If he could develop and mature to be as good as Chandler, that would be music to Clipper fans ears!

Josh S. (Philly) Which of the bottom playoff teams would the Celtics least want to play come first round?
Chris Forsberg I've maintained that it's Philly (though New York is certainly no picnic, particularly if they get out of their own funk). The 76ers have taken Boston to the wire three times and they'd make the Celtics work harder than they want in the first round. Again, I still see the top four seeds in the East winning in the first round, but you gotta watch that energy gauge with some brutal conference semifinal matchups looming (especially if Boston had to go on the road to Miami).

Fernando (Riviera Beach FL) who is a better match up for the heat in the first round; Knicks or 76'rs?
Tom Haberstroh Knicks. Feb. 27 loss has fluke written all over it.

John (Austin, TX) Thorpe, What in the world happened to Maurice Speights? Two years ago I thought he looked like a terrific young post player with possible All-Star potential. Now he's averaging 11 minutes, 5 points and 0.3 blocks per game. I know he never played any D, but now he even seems lost on offense . What do you see with him?Thanks,
David Thorpe I think he has a focus/motor problem.

The Sane Madman (Bulls Nation) [via mobile] Two questions, neither involves my nation. 1. Do you agree with my assessment of The Hangover > Superbad and it's by a wide margin? 2. Do you agree with my assessment that if the 76ers grabbed Cousins instead of Evan Turner that they would be a 4th seed? This team is not shabby and has great parts.
David Thorpe Totally agree with first one-I did not like Superbad much. I don't enjoy cruel people. Cousins is such a handful off the court and on it, in terms of coaching, that we can't predict how he would have impacted their chemistry.

JimmyZ (PHX, AZ) Of the probable playoff teams, is there a worse closer than andre iguodala at the end of games?
David Thorpe I hate that term. But yes, Iggy's shooting troubles make him problematic to take big shots.

Freddy (Los Angeles) Should the Kings continue to build their team around DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, or does one of the two have to go?
David Thorpe Too early to say, but the word I'm hearing isn't good.

MM in LA: What do the Clippers value more in a SF, 3pt shooting(Granger), or play making(Iguodala)?
Eric Pincus: Probably Granger but you've got to get to the summer and see who is available. The Sixers seem awfully fond of Iguodala right now. Given that the Pacers are hanging in the playoff race, perhaps the Pacers hold on to Danny. Regardless, moving forward the Clippers are going to need shooters to help spread the floor for Griffin (and Gordon).

Brad (Cleveland) How possible is it that the heat lose in the first round of the playoffs, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a great chance?
Chad Ford Sixers would pose the biggest threat ... but I'd say 2.

Show Ya Luv! (Philly) Doug Collins = COY, right? What coach has done more with less talent, no all-star considerations?
John Hollinger He'll be in the running, but in all honesty I think he's benefiting in part from something called "Not Being Eddie Jordan." Thibodeau has to be first for how he has the Bulls playing, although VDN should get a cut of his trophy, and I'd put Popovich and George Karl ahead of Collins right now too.

John (FL) Who cares about MVP? Let's talk playoffs! Can Boston pull themselves together in time to stop the Bulls (or even the Heat)?
John Hollinger Think you might want to focus on the Sixers before you start pondering later rounds ... Philly has played well of late and they've done very well against Boston this year -- a -2 margin in three meetings, with the fourth on Tuesday in Beantown. I'm very worried about the Cs right now but will get an up close look at them in the ATL tomorrow.

joe (maine) do u think the 76ers will upset da heat in the 1st rd?
Ric Bucher No. I was surprised to Chris Webber hint last night that it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Steve (Philly) Who do you think the better sixth man is: Lou Williams or Thaddeus Young? Should either of them be starting?
Ric Bucher I can see Thaddeus as a starter. I believe Lou is a tweener guard and thereby much better coming off the bench. FWIW: I feel the same way about Steph Curry. On a really good team, he's your sixth man. I'm not equating Curry and Lou on talent, just role.

Billy (NYC) So what do you make of Spencer Hawes? A big tease or a solid nba starte/player? Thanks!
Ric Bucher Big tease to me. I was a believer early on, but I've had a lot of people run him down. That, though, is the danger of feedback - it tends to be more negative than positive and a lot of people like to bury guys. I'm not giving up on him, but I'm not counting on him. How's that?

Austin E (Mooresville, NC) Don't you think if the Sixers would add Dwight Howard and keep the rest of their team in tact (maybe a few subtractions) that it would immediately make them a Championship Contender? They get their two things they need (a superstar and a center) in one. What do you think?
Ric Bucher I believe adding Dwight to most teams would make them an instant contender. (See? I do like Dwight.)

Lawrence (Toronto) Is Thibodeau a shoe in for Coach of the Year? Or does Collins have a chance?
Ric Bucher i expect it to be very close. I'm wondering if Popovich, the third guy in the battle, will fall out if they don't have the best record. I'm not sure he should.

rick in in GA: whats the reason u think Louis Williams slip in the draft in 2005 becaues he was out of highshool or what. He had the talent there i would have taken him 28 in that draft at least he frist round to me
Yannis Koutroupis: First, he was really underdeveloped physically with just a scorer's mentality. Pair that up with being extremely turnover prone and it just scared teams away because it was clear that he was going to have to become a point guard. Now and days I'd be a big proponet of guards his size showing off their playmaking skills in high school moreso than their scoring ability because being able to run a team is what's most important.


NBCSports.com - Kurt Hellin
12th (12th previously) There was a time a couple weeks ago when the Sixers looked like a dangerous team in the first round. Not so much any more.

ESPN.com - Marc Stein
15th (15th previously) Something tells me Philly, after feeling sneaky good about the potential Miami matchup in Round 1, wouldn't mind seeing the Heat move up to No. 2 after surrendering 71 points to LeBron and D-Wade on Friday night.

Foxsports.com - Zac Jackson
12th (14th previously) A group of players went to a Lil' Wayne concert Saturday night, then the Sixers lost a Sunday matinee to the lowly Kings. It does say a lot about the leadership that 30 hours later this group went to Chicago and won. They aren't serious contenders in the playoffs, but they could be a serious headache.

CBSSports.com - Dave Del Grande
15th (16th previously) March wins over Celtics, Hawks and Bulls demonstrate this isn't a team you want to run into in Eastern first round.

SI.cnn.com - Britt Robson
12th (12th previously) The Sixers have ambushed a lot of opponents with their small lineup, but there are signs that teams are adjusting. A faster pace has become less user-friendly for Philadelphia, which is yielding seven more points per game in March than it did in February. The increase results in part from a tougher schedule, with opponents having increased their rebounding, free-throw attempts and shooting percentage. Meanwhile, the Sixers are attempting six more shots per game and reaping fewer than one extra basket this month. In response, coach Doug Collins is relying more on 7-footer Spencer Hawes to guard big men and also bring them away from the basket by taking mid-range jumpers. Hawes has scored in double figures a season-high four consecutive games, and he also seems more energized on defense.

BBR.com schedule adjusted rankings (14th)


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