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The Sixers loss last night was a direct result of two things, turnovers and Brad Miller. The turnovers are self-explanatory, (21 is just way too many) Brad Miller's effect was two-fold. First, he was hitting outside jumpers, mostly from about the top of the key. This brought Sammy out from under the basket which left things wide open for Mikki Moore to set up shop in there and the guards to drive to the hoop. These factors led to Sacramento's 109-99 win, their first road win of the season.

The sad part is that the Sixers had several chances to get back into this game in the fourth. Unfortunately, each time they either turned the ball over, or missed wide-open shots and layups. On two occasions, Korver was left completely unguarded for a three that would've made it a two-possession game with under 3 minutes to go. He missed both of them.

In the positive column, Lou Williams looked like the Lou we've come to know and love over the past month. He went 6/10 from the field for 15 points to go along with 6 assists in only 23 minutes of action.

One other thing to note, Ron Artest shut down Andre Iguodala. By the fourth quarter, Iguodala wasn't touching the ball at all unless it was in transition. If he's your star, you need to find a way to get the ball in his hands, even if it means having him bring it up the court.

Disappointing loss for the Sixers, but a win in Cleveland on Saturday night and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

Player of The Game: Andre Miller, 10/14 from the floor for 24 points, 4 boards, 8 assists and a steal. Did most of his damage early on, but still the best overall night for a Sixer.
Team Record: 9-14
by Brian on Dec 15 2007
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