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Sixers Could Be In On McGrady

Several rumors over the past 12 hours or so about the Sixers and the Rockets involving a Tracy McGrady deal. ESPN had the possible deal as Iguodala and Dalembert for McGrady. Which I find to be ludicrous on every level, which is why I didn't waste a post on it. But now Tom Moore has a source saying the teams have had discussions, so let's explore a little bit after the jump.

OK, let's give this rumor the attention it deserves. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Under no circumstances should the Sixers even give a second thought to this deal.

Something needs to be made very clear right now, Sam Dalembert's contract is no longer bad on a value-for-production scale. His contract is no longer hampering this team, not in the least. The possible window for contending that was opened when Elton Brand was signed was summarily slammed shut when Eddie Jordan was brought in to coach. You can read that last sentence as a clear signal that this team will not be relevant in a truly meaningful way before 2011, if then. In other words, Sammy will already be gone and his salary will already be off the books.

Sammy hasn't been a cancer to the team. He hasn't hurt them in the least on the floor. In fact, there are really only two somewhat palatable reasons to trade him at this point. (1) To degrade the team to the point where they move up in the lottery and have a better chance at a high pick. (2) To improve the team down the road (trading him for young player with potential and/or draft picks). Any other deal to move Dalembert is simply a ploy by the team to avoid paying the luxury tax. This is not a case of me grossly overvaluing Sam Dalembert, this is just common sense. Dalembert's value to this team is in his contract which expires after next season. The longer they hold onto him, the more value he has to other teams.

Notice I haven't even gotten to the part of this deal where the Sixers ship out their best player, hands down, as nothing more than a sweetener to get someone to take Dalembert's contract. I didn't mention it, because I shouldn't have to. This deal is a non-starter.

A funny blurb from the bottom of Tom Moore's piece:

"In other Sixers news, coach Eddie Jordan allowed veterans Allen Iverson, Andre Iguodala, Brand and Lou Williams sit out Tuesday's short practice in preparation for Wednesday's home game against the Knicks."

Uh, I get Brand, AI9 and AI3 needing a rest due to age and workload, but Lou? I'd think he'd be demanding to get out on the practice floor to try to earn some of his minutes back from Jrue instead of taking it easy.