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Sixers Destroy 60% of Knicks

Well, the Sixers barely beat a grossly undermanned Celtics team for their first win of the preseason. Last night, they manhandled a grossly undermanned Knicks team for their second. That's progress, right?

I tried to watch the game at 1 a.m. this morning on replay, but I only made it through about 6 minutes of game time. I'm planning to pick up where I left off tonight.

I'm going to reserve any in-depth comments until I can watch the game in its entirety. From the box score, it looks like Iguodala played his second consecutive strong game. Really, his only two of the preseason, and his streak of improved play coincides with Kapono's insertion into the the starting lineup. Coincidence? No way to tell, I guess.

The highlight of the night was clearly the dunk pictured below by Jrue:

Speaking of the best PG taken in last year's draft, after a shaky start to his preseason, Jrue has completely lit it up over his last four games. 30 assists, 28 boards, 10 turnovers (3-to-1, ass/turnover ratio) and shooting about 47% from the floor. In his three starts, he's been even better, averaging 10 assists and 7.7 boards/game, shooting 51.6% from the floor.

I didn't get to see Turner play at all, but 1 FGA in 19 minutes? That's unacceptable. He doesn't seem to be taking to this benching very well.

It's good to know Elton Brand is capable of a good rebounding game against a horrible front line. That's something, at least.

Good news on the Doug Collins front. He's apparently going to be back at practice tomorrow. Actually, I think that's great news. I don't want Curry coaching this team.

Off day for the Sixers today. Less than a week 'til they tip it off for real.

And here's video of Jrue's Anthony Randolph abuse...

by Brian on Oct 21 2010
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