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Sixers Down Wizards Again

Another slow start, followed by a big second quarter, a decent third and then a slow-play to the finish line. The Sixers could've played better tonight, but a 13-point win on the second night of a back-to-back is something you have to be happy with. (game capsule)

Here's your rotation chart. Note the big run in the second quarter as well as the letdown in the fourth. The starters were unspectacular to start the game, again:

Before we get into this game, I just want to note the Sixers are now 4-0 on the second night of back-to-backs (including the middle game of the back-to-back-to-back) and in those games, they've outscored their opponents 419-316 in those games. They also just finished off a stretch of seven games in nine days with a 6-1 record, outscoring their opponents 703-570 over the stretch. I don't care who the opponents are, those are amazing results.

OK, tonight's game wasn't particularly pretty. Jrue shot the ball just terribly, and he shot it too frequently as well. He's definitely in a rut. Everything looks rushed for him, and that's not his game. He needs to slow things own, stop trying to force his shots up and let the game come to him. He's too good to keep playing like this, on the offensive end. The Sixrs did a terrible job on the offensive glass in the first half (52% DREB rate), but cleaned that up after the half. The biggest problem I had with them in the second half was their shoddy defense on John Wall. You can point your finger directly at Doug Collins for that one, since he insisted on keeping Lou Williams on him instead of Jrue. All things considered, though, not a whole lot to complain about.

The game really wasn't as close as the final score. The Sixers pushed their lead into the twenties in the fourth quarter, then relaxed a little, but there was no way the Wizards were coming back.

A few bullets to hold you over:

  • Lou was uber-efficient tonight, scoring 24 points on only 12 shots, but I thought he dominated the ball a bit too much. He's been much better at keeping his teammates involved this season, and tonight he was scoring so well it really didn't matter, but it's worth keeping an eye on.
  • Turner went down with an injury and never really got a decent run after that. Hope everything is OK there. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Thad is such a dynamic player, I feel like he impacts almost every play when he's on the floor. So much energy and athleticism. He finished the night 6/13 from the floor, 6/6 from the line for 18 points to go along with 4 boards (3 offensive), 2 steals, 2 blocks and zero turnovers in 31 minutes of work.
  • Jodie followed up his scorching 10/11 on Friday night with an ice cold 1/5 from the floor tonight.
  • Brand, Hawes, Vucevic and Battie combined for 10 defensive rebounds in 64 minutes, that's not going to cut it.

Player of The Game: Iguodala. 23 points on 9/16 from the floor and 4/6 from the line to go along with 7 board, 5 dimes, 5 steals and 2 turnovers. Iguodala was unreal in the first half, he cooled in the second but spread the ball around and played his usual menacing defense.
Team Record: 9-3
Up Next: vs. MIL on Monday, at 2pm. Hopefully, Jrue will stop with the Iman Shumpert impersonations after a day of rest.

I'm thinking we'll have a Pressing Questions tomorrow, get your questions ready for a noon landing.