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funandgamesatmsg.jpgThe Sixers locked down their first two-game winning streak in demonstrative fashion tonight against the Knicks, 105-77 was the final, but the game wasn't really that close.

As the crowd chanted ,"Fire Isiah," and the starters sat on the bench covering their heads with towels, the Knicks announcers kept repeating over and over again that the Knicks just can't lose to "one of the worst teams in the league," like this. What the Knicks announcers fail to realize, is that the Knicks are in fact one of the worst teams in the league, if not THE worst. I'll take it one step further: The New York Knicks are the worst franchise in professional sports (NBA, MLB, NFL).

For the second night in a row, Mo Cheeks went to Thad Young early in the game, and for the second time in a row, Young showed why he deserves more minutes. The kid played 19 minutes and dropped 14 points on 7/9 shooting. The thing that separates Young from Carney and other young gunners is that while he looked for his shot, he didn't just shoot for the heck of it. Tonight, he worked hard on defense, and was constantly in motion on offense. He beat the Knicks down the floor twice for wide-open dunks in transition, came off a curl twice, caught the ball in rhythm and stroked the jumper. He finished with 5 boards and a steal to boot. Billy King is smiling somewhere.

The Sixers shot the lights out from downtown (7/13), out-rebounded the Knicks 47-27 (I thought rebounding was supposed to be the Knicks' strong suit), and finished things off with 14 steals and 26 assists. It was an overall ass kicking of the highest order. By the way, Reggie Evans owns Zach Randolph, and Samuel Dalembert owns Eddy Curry, just thought I'd get that on the record.

davidleeisapunk.jpgDavid Lee, the only Knick who can even spell hustle, let his frustration get the better of him in the third quarter. He took it out on Lou Williams with a blatant, flagrant foul which knocked Williams to the floor and kept him on the bench for the remainder of the game (pictured at right). Lee is better than that, I hope he gets traded so he doesn't have to suffer any more of this. Lee's foul did have one positive effect, however. Late in the fourth, Nate Robinson drove to the hoop and Jason Smith fouled him. Robinson took offense, and tried to go after Smith, but couldn't seem to get his attention. Nate looked like a little kid trying to get into a fight with a grown up. I thought he was going to start crying.

In true Willie Green style, Robinson jacked up 16 shots in 20 minutes of garbage time action. He also went to the line 13 times. With the Knicks down by 20-plus points the entire fourth quarter, Jamal Crawford and Nate seemed pissed whenever they didn't get to take a shot. Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph watched the show from the bench, undoubtedly thinking about their post-game meal.

Fun with numbers:
  • Jamal Crawford = 6 points, 7 turnovers
  • Zach Randolph + Eddy Curry = 13 points, 4 rebounds
  • Kyle Korver = 14 points, 4 rebounds
  • Jared Jeffries = 1 field goal made, 2 rounds of boisterous boos, one for each time he entered the game.
  • 39 = Total number of times the Knicks announcer called the Sixers, "bad," "a bad team," "horrible," or "one of the worst teams in the league" tonight. Coincidentally, 39 is also the total number of points the Sixers beat the Knicks by in the back-to-back.
Player of The Game: Thad Young
Team Record: 7-13

Too bad we can't play the Knicks every night.
by Brian on Dec 8 2007
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