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If the first five games showed the world what the Sixers are capable of when playing well, tonight's 93-72 loss to the Hornets showed everyone how ugly they're going to look when they don't.

The Hornets killed the Sixers from behind the arc (10-20) the Sixers were again pitiful from deep (2-15). Mainly, the Sixers just looked out of sync on offense, a step slow on defense and Chris Paul was dazzling.

There weren't too many bright spots for the Sixers, other than Kyle Korver finding his shot down the stretch and a brief run for Thad Young (He looked young, athletic, and lost at times out there). Calvin Booth was dropped from the active roster in favor of Louis Amundsson (a move long overdue). Kevin Ollie also saw his first action of the young season, filling in for some garbage time in the fourth.

Lou Williams reminded us that he's really, really close to being a legit NBA player, but he still has a little hump to get over. His defense looked porous tonight, and he turned the ball over three times in 20 minutes.

All told, a bad game for the Sixers, with two tough road games coming up (@ Dallas on Tuesday and @ New Orleans on Wednesday.)

Player of The Game: Samuel Dalembert, 15 points, 10 boards and 2 blocks.
Team Record: 2-4.

by Brian on Nov 11 2007
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