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andre1103.jpgThe Nets traveled down the Turnpike to meet the Sixers in Philly for their home opener. After being flogged by the Raptors last night, they seemed a little more ready to play tonight, and handed the Sixers their second loss of the season 93-88. It was a tight game throughout, with the Nets getting just hot enough in the fourth to extend their lead to 10 points before the Sixers mounted a comeback that fell just short.

The Sixers handled one of their bugaboos, turnovers, limiting the number to 14. Their other problem, free throw shooting, remained. They finished 21-32 from the line. They also lost the rebounding battle 47 to 44.

One glaring stat over the past two games is the Sixers horrid three-point shooting. Following up on last night's 0-11 mark in Chicago they managed to go only 3-15 from downtown tonight. 3 for 26 just isn't going to get the job done. To be fair, the Nets absolutely locked down Korver tonight, which you'd expect any good coach to make a high priority. The Sixers need to find a way to take advantage when opposing teams won't double off of Korver. How about some isolation with Korver and Iguodala on the same side of the court, Iguodala down on the blocks and Korver at the three-point line. Iguodala has a very productive post up game, and he almost always has a strength advantage over the guy that's guarding him. Hopefully Mo will throw in a couple of wrinkles like this in the coming games.

The Sixer comeback was hindered, for the most part, by a combination of the Nets' playing hack-a-Haitian and Samuel Dalembert missing free throws. Three straight times down the floor the Nets sent Sammy to the line, three straight times he hit one of two. Then Korver got fouled and he went one of two. If they hit their foul shots down the stretch, I think they would've pulled this one out.

The bright spot for the Sixers tonight was without a doubt the play of Lou Williams. Lou saw a ton of minutes, and showed exactly why he was so successful in the Summer League and preseason, finishing with 13 points on 6/9 shooting, with 3 assists, 2 steals and only one turnover in 19 minutes of action. He was playing so well, Mo decided to go with he and Miller in the back court down the stretch. It's good to see Mo stick with the hot hand for critical minutes, at times last year it seemed like he had his rotation set in his mind going into every game, and was unwilling to deviate from his plan.

Speaking of plans, every minute Calvin Booth plays is an absolute waste. How that guy is in the NBA is beyond me.

Player of The Game
: Kyle Korver. 11 points, 11 boards, 2 assists and a steal in 33 minutes of action. Korver's shot wasn't falling early, but he helped out in every other possible way until it started falling late.

: 1-2

by Brian on Nov 3 2007
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