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Sixers Find Their Spine

After last night's tragic collapse, it would've been easy for the Sixers to hang their heads. It would've been easy to come back home tonight, look at the half-empty WFC, put their tail between their legs and let a physical Charlotte Bobcats team have their way with them. Sleepwalk through the game, then rest up in their own beds before continuing the home stand on Tuesday. This Sixers group, however, never seems to take the easy way out.


g204f120410.gif Thoughts

  • If you need a punch in the arm, 20 first-quarter points from Jodie Meeks will probably do it for you. Meeks put on a shooting display unlike anything we've seen from a Sixer in at least half a decade, if not longer. It was fun to see how the team would get him the ball, as everyone was intent on springing him for more looks.
  • 5 meaningful minutes for Turner a night after showing a bit of promise in his new role off the bench, disappointing.
  • Jrue played a solid overall game, finishing with 15 points (on 11 shots), 4 boards, 7 dimes, 2 steals, 2 blocks, but 3 turnovers.
  • Iguodala was excellent all night long. He started off with a couple of jumpers, but spent the majority of the night driving to the hoop. 15/5/7 and 0 turnovers.
  • Nocioni was atrocious in this game, and the final turning point may just have been when Collins called a timeout 15 seconds into the fourth and yanked the mullet. Nocioni earned every bit of his -10 +/- in this game, quite an accomplishment in a blowout win.
  • Hawes played his second quality game in a row. Hell is getting frosty.
  • We're now almost 25% into the season and Elton Brand continues to be a very, very good power forward. He's not what he once was, but he's head and shoulders above average, and he seems to be getting stronger.
Overall, the Sixers were in a tough, tough situation tonight. The terrible loss last night could've either motivated them, or broken them. It says a lot to me about this group's character that they came out and jumped on Charlotte. It says even more that they put their foot on the Bobcats' throat when the lead started to slip in the second half.

Forget about the record and all the game-within-a-game stuff. Forget about who's getting what minutes and what that means for the long/short term. Take a step back and realize this team is fun to watch. They're fun to follow. They generally seem to be pulling for each other and they've got a guy at the helm who lives and dies with this team. That's infectious. They aren't perfect. Hell, they aren't even really good. But they don't quit. They may not be successful, but they're going to give you the effort every night. That's a starting point, at least.

Great win tonight. Hopefully, many more to come.

Player of The Game: Meeks. 26 points on 16 shots
Team Record: 6-14
Up Next: vs. Cleveland, Tuesday night.
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