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Sixers Hold More Workouts

The Sixers plan to bring five more players in for workouts this morning. After the jump we'll go through the list, and do mini-profiles on each player.

Here's the list of players. Interesting to note that none of these guys are projected to be taken as high as #17, due diligence or maybe a sign the Sixers are looking to add a later pick? Who knows.

  1. Dionte Christmas (SG, Temple) - Draft Express has Christmas going #29 in the second round. Ford ranks him #67 overall. The book on him seems to be that he loves his jumper a little too much. There seems to be a chance he could fall out of the draft entirely and the Sixers could then sign him to a minimum deal, or just invite him to Vegas to play in the Summer League. Good size, shot 35.2% from three last season.
  2. Wayne Ellington (SG, UNC) - Another Philly product, DX has Ellington going #3 in the second round, Ford ranks him #34 overall. Excellent jump shooter who developed other parts of his game this year. Another Philly guy, so he's got that going for him. Decent size, excellent athletic measurements at the combine. Shot 41.7% from three last season.
  3. Darren Collison (PG, UCLA) - DX has him going #27, Ford has him going #29. Collison has held off first Russell Westbrook and then Jrue Holiday over the past two seasons at UCLA. He's fast, he's smart, he can shoot. I really like this kid and I'd love to see the Sixers land him, but #17 is a reach. Shot 39.4% from three last season.
  4. Marcus Thornton (SG, LSU) - DX has him going #29 in the first round, Ford ranks him #43 overall. Thronton measured out on the small side at the combine. A dominant scorer and good shooter in his two years at LSU, Thornton may have a shot in the pros. His measurement probably won't help him move up draft boards, but good workouts could help. Ford doesn't have him going in the first round, so maybe the Sixers can buy an early pick in the second to take a shot on him? Shot 38.8% from three last season.
  5. Jack McClinton (PG/SG, Miami) -  DX has him going #28 in the second round. Ford ranks him #37 overall. He's a pure shooter, but horribly under-sized to be a SG in the pros and doesn't have the ballhandling skills to play the point. McClinton had a three-game stretch against Wake Forest, Duke and UNC in which he scored a total of 101 points on 36/62 from the floor (58%), 11/13 from the line (85%) and 18/28 from three (64%). Big time production against big time teams. Shot 45.3% from three last season. I like this kid, but do the Sixers have enough room for he and Lou Williams in the back court?
Leave your thoughts on these guys in the comments, I know there's some local love for both Ellington and Christmas, so state your case.

by Brian on Jun 11 2009
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